Elaine Ng celebrates his 43 birthday, and Wu Zhuolin appears to kiss his mother-roselip

Elaine Ng 43 birthday celebration of Wu Zhuolin appeared in the Tencent kiss mother entertainment news according to Hongkong Oriental Daily reported, Elaine Ng today (September 23rd) over 43 years old birthday, many friends dinner last week to celebrate. Last night the boss Huang teping for her birthday party, daughter Zhuo Lin attended, and Huang Shuyi, Wu Lizhu and other friends to attend the scene lively. Elaine Ng made a wish when he cut the cake, his birthday wish could not be said, but he grew up in Hongkong, and the big wish was Hongkong. Considering the future trends of Elaine Ng said after the show finished cable will rest for a period of time, because many things happened last year, including Zhuo Lin problem, mother died, was mentally and physically exhausted to stop, think about the future trends, and Zhuo Lin next year will probably to a foreign university, can accompany Zhuo Lin to foreign reading together. But on the other hand, it is still not decided yet to let Zhuo Lin stand alone. Elaine Ng has said the young, Hongkong entertainment business downturn, but also face a new class of young girls, ask the unconditional competition. To study how foreign day and Zhuo Lin mother daughter relationship, Elaine Ng said each other now as a friend along, Zhuo Lin recently on a diet and exercise, so lost a lot, and she was taller, more girls than before are, but Elaine Ng worried about Zhuo Lin excessive dieting. As Lin was asked whether she would be a model in the future, she said she was not qualified enough and didn’t want to be a model. And whether or not to enter the entertainment circle filming and singing, Zhuo Lin said everything to be completed after the University plan.

吴绮莉庆43岁生日 吴卓林现身亲吻妈妈 腾讯娱乐讯 据香港东方日报报道,吴绮莉于今日(9月23日)过43岁生日,上周开始已有不少朋友相约饭局庆祝。昨晚老板黄特平为她搞生日派对,女儿卓林陪同出席外,还有黄淑仪、吴丽珠等好友出席,场面热闹。吴绮莉切蛋糕时许愿,话生日愿望不能说,而自己在香港长大,大愿望就是香港好。考虑未来动向吴绮莉表示完成有线节目后会休息一段日子,因为去年发生许多事,包括卓林问题、妈妈去世等,感到心力交瘁,要停一停想想未来动向,再者卓林明年可能会到外国升大学,有可能会陪卓林读书,一齐到外国。但另一方面,又想放手让卓林独立,目前仍未决定。吴绮莉笑言已年纪不小,香港娱乐事业又不景气,还要面对一班后起的年轻少女,自问无条件竞争。到外国陪读昼谈到与卓林的母女关系如何,吴绮莉说现在彼此如朋友般相处,卓林近来节食和运动,所以瘦了很多,加上她长高了,身形比前更少女,不过吴绮莉担心卓林节食过量。至于卓林被问到将来会否做模特儿,她说自己条件不足,没想过做模特儿。而关于会否入娱乐圈拍戏、唱歌,卓林说一切待完成大学后才打算。相关的主题文章: