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Home-and-Family There is such an amazing selection of earrings online that are beautiful and elegant, funky and fun, edgy and trendy or with classic good taste it is possible to have several for any occasion. White gold earrings are a new contribution to the traditional metals of yellow gold, platinum and silver. It has the stylish look of silver, so it is favored by young people, but it doesn’t tarnish and is much less expensive than platinum. It is usually plated with Rhodium for the brilliant whiteness and may need to be serviced by a local jeweler once a year. White gold is mainly pure gold with allows of copper, nickel, zinc and palladium which is similar to platinum. The nickel bleaches the gold and gives it its white color. It is then plated with Rhodium. If the white gold earrings contain nickel, it may cause an allergic reaction of skin irritation and swelling for some people depending on the ratio of gold to alloy. To please every taste white gold earrings .e in pierced, clips and hinged. White gold earrings are really trendy for street wear and casual garments. They are definitely a top quality metal that bears a resemblance to the brilliancy of platinum but is reasonable. Rings, small and large are the fave currently and can be worn with almost anything. For classy evenings out or for brides there are studs and dangles set with valuable stones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies and for those that need the same look at a reasonable price there are semi-precious stones like jade, coral, cubic zirconium, topaz and freshwater pearls. The Gothic look is also very popular in white gold earrings. Skulls and bones .e in studs for men and women as well as dangles. Crucifixes are also part of this genre .bined with skulls. These styles are available online in well crafted fashionably heavy looking earrings in the sparkling brilliance of white gold. There is also a big choice of spiritual jewelry including white gold earrings with crosses, fashionable Claddagh hoops, the Star of David, many traditional Egyptian symbols as well as all of the indications of the Zodiac. The ever popular ring also .es in numerous different styles including tapered flat hoops, hollowed tube hoops, filigree hoops, French-style rings and lots more. The most sublime of all white gold earrings are set with diamonds. From the easy single diamond stud to the diamond encrusted candelabrum, this is the ultimate earring for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or any time a gift is required for a special individual. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: