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Marketing Pampered Chef, Amway, Tupperware these just a few of the many multi-level marketing giants that allow you to earn income from your sales as well as the sales of people signed up under you. The opportunities are great when your profit grows with the sales of every person in your downline. Great, that is, as long as those people continue to make sales and bring in new clients. Unfortunately, burnout and unrealistic expectations can come into play. So, how do you keep your downline growing and motivated? One creative way is with the use of lapel pins. Generate Interest At a time when unemployment is on the rise, many people are looking for ways to supplement their incomes. Some are even in the market for new sources of earnings altogether. Lapel pins are a fantastic way to advertise the possibilities your organization makes available. Create a pin with phrases such as Need more $? Ask me how! along with your business logo. When you and those in your downline wear your pins, they will serve as a portable advertisement for your business. Since lapel pins can be worn anywhere, they will work for you in the grocery store, the doctors office, at schools, restaurants and anyplace else you might be. Reward Top Performers It takes attention and devotion to ensure your downline keeps producing. In most instances, when left to their own devices, new recruits may experience reduced performance. They need direction. They need guidance. And they need encouragement. One way to keep your downline motivated and optimistic is by using lapel pins in an incentive/reward program. Whether or not the company you work for has such a program is irrelevant. Create your own just for your downline. Set goals for bringing in a specific number of recruits or a specific level of sales in a given time period. When the members of your downline reach those goals, they move up to a higher performance level. Make a formal announcement of accomplishment via email or monthly meetings when a person reaches a new level and reward them with a custom-designed lapel pin. Another benefit is that lapel pins create competition. Most people in sales are competitive by nature. Seeing that one person has reached a goal could encourage others to try harder. Honor Longevity Lapel pins can also be used to recognize people that have been in your downline a certain length of time. Award pins at one-year, five-year and ten-year anniversaries to let those people know youre thankful for the work they do. Keeping your downline motivated means theyll continue to work hard. That hard work equates to more income for everyone. Custom-Designed Lapel Pins Lapel pins are custom-designed to your exact specifications. Want something fun and eye-catching but worried about designing it yourself? Dont give it another thought. Choose a lapel pin company whose designers will create the perfect pin for your needs. These professionals will give you recommendations on design, color and shape sometimes without any extra charge to you. Because lapel pins are so affordable, they work well for you in a number of ways without breaking your budget. They can be created in styles that are fun and exciting, meaning everyone in your downline will enjoy wearing them. When you want to motivate and reward your downline, lapel pins are the creative and economical solution for keeping sales on a continual upswing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: