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Travel-and-Leisure Rajasthan is one of the most admired tourist destinations in India. The place is known for the antique collection of richly decorated forts, palaces and lakes and the lush green vegetation and one of the most unique hill stations in India Mt Abu. It is the perfect destination to spend the holidays in the vibrant colour of this place. Rajasthan is making a prominent mark in the tourist map with its iridescent deserts, picturesque lakes, fascinating heritage, colorful villages and traditional songs and dances. Rajasthan is the hub of the tourist destination and making the tourist enjoy the vibrant colour in the most splendor way. The dreams of the tourists are many and Rajasthan is the right destination for them to enjoy their tour to Rajasthan in the most grandeur way. The richly decorated forts and palaces still stand today preserving the golden glory of the past. Unmatched fairs and festivals all the year round entertain the tourist from all over the world. Enjoy the magical golden sands of Rajasthan taking a safari ride on the back of the Camels. Most of the place preserves the 1000 years palaces, forts, parks and lakes. Jodhpur stores one of the most happening moments in Rajasthan. It’s one of the preferred destinations of visitors in Rajasthan tour. The mighty Mehrangarh fort gives you the breathtaking view of the city. The richly decorated Ummaid bhavan gives you the eye catching view of the palace. Jaisalmer -the princely state of India gives you another antiquity feeling taking you back to the lost glory of the history. It still has preserved the essence of the great heroes alive. Enjoy Holidays in Rajasthan .with vibrant colors and the rich traditional culture of Rajasthan. Jaipur the capital city stores much tourist attraction which will enchant you with their distinct architectural style and artistic elegance. All the tourist destination of Rajasthan has stored the rich culture of the past and the architectural skill alive till today. Apart from visiting the magnificent forts and palaces you have the opportunity to attend the several fair and festivals of Rajasthan. With the every change of season there is a religious occasion and a reflection of genius of arts and crafts and their Spartan enhancement. Along the vast diversity Rajasthan enjoys the multicolored traditional occasions with special fervor as well as number of festivals of its own. Visiting the camel fair and taking ride on camel back on the Sam Sand Dunes provides a pleasant experience of lifetime on your Rajasthan travel. There are several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the state. Enjoy the natural habitat of the animals taking a safari ride on cars provided by cars rental India . Catch up with the thrilling opportunity to see the sights of the birds and wildlife attractions. Most of the world famous sanctuaries are accumulated in Rajasthan. There’s lot more to enjoy being in this place. The Rajasthan tour packages offers the .plete opportunity to discover the real beauty of Rajasthan. The pristine blue hills with lush green environment Mt Abu is the green Oasis of Rajasthan. Eye catching beauty of the monuments most, colorful fairs & festivals, sumptuous cuisine attracts tourist from all over the world in Rajasthan. In fact, there are countless tourist attractions in this exotic state which make Rajasthan tour one of the preferred tourist attractions in India. Cook up your mind this holiday and pack up your bags to explore the vibrant beauty of Rajasthan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: