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Excellent step China further to Uber: the new version of App temporarily can not be used in the foreign world no Uber excellent step App. Recently, surging news learned from drops travel, from November 27th, the old version of the excellent step will stop providing services in China, excellent step China’s services will be switched to the new App Uber excellent step china. It is reported that in October 26th, yuho launched in the mobile phone software market new App "Uber Chinese yuho", in November 3rd the national all city start upgrading, at the beginning of December, App had launched the excellent step blind barrier free version will also return. The new version of the App icon Chinese yuho. Excellent step China recommends that users delete the old App payment methods and the old version of Uber excellent step App compared to the new version of Uber excellent step China App has many changes. After the completion of the download and installation, the new version of Uber excellent step China App icon still maintained the original version of the style, but the lower right corner of the Icon more new words. Excellent step in China’s original users will be able to continue to use the original account login, the majority of users in the use of the new App no longer need to re-enter the password and binding payment. The new version of Uber excellent step China App help page access to real-time online customer service. In addition, the new version of Uber excellent step China App new vehicle color information, and the driver can communicate within the App message, no longer rely on the phone. It is worth noting that, WeChat ban excellent step after a year and a half after the opening of the new excellent step, passengers can use WeChat to share routes and recommend friends ride. However, the new version of Uber excellent step China App currently only retain the people excellent step + and preferred car two product lines. Excellent step new App deletion of some of the features and modules in the old version of App, for example, temporarily can not be used abroad, the lack of the English version of the interface and temporarily unable to bind the international credit card. According to internal sources, these features are expected to be gradually improved in the next version of the upgrade. Excellent step "in Alipay – free secret payment account authorization page. As the old version of "Uber App" and "doomsday" approaching, many excellent step users worry that due to personal account information stored in the Uber server in the world, is threatened in the account security free secret payment settings. In this regard, yuho Chinese hand told the surging news, in order to eliminate the concerns of users, for the account security at present, and also in the Uber and Global step China (yuho global) consultation unified treatment of unbundling the old App payment. Yuho China recommends that users to delete old App Baidu wallet, credit card payment, payment users can also use Alipay to Alipay client "set up" "payment settings" and "free secret payments" to find "account authorization," lifting the safety of withholding agreement. About 4000 excellent step driver will be screened in addition to the merits of the pace of China’s staff, excellent step driver for further integration. An anonymous request to travel in the middle of the mid-level managers told surging news.相关的主题文章: