Experts teach you to understand the child’s intellectual type cosmax

Experts teach you to understand the child’s intellectual type [Abstract] each child has its own unique character, some children can say that some children are not good at expression. If parents do not understand the characteristics of their children, put forward some unrealistic requirements, which is very detrimental to the child’s growth. Each child has different types of intelligence. When parents train him to find the direction of a headache, when parents carp asked its performance and ordered him, perhaps the most incisive play his child is one aspect of the intelligence, but the parents do not know. What type of intelligence does your child belong to? 1, action type intelligence 4 years old powerful paper folded a frog and a bunch of lucky star. Mother was shocked, she never taught him to break these things. "Is this what you fold?" Mother’s voice is full of doubt. Nod. "You’re talking about it. How do you fold it?" Said not to come out. "You couldn’t say it? In the end is not you fold? Children can’t lie!" Mother tone a hard, strong and do not know how to say, simply lowered his head down…… My mother like this "Zuiben powerful weapon:" children, forced him to use language to describe the process of practice is not advisable. Qiangqiang can make these things, is not "handy" so simple, but rely on an intelligence — intelligence action. Different people to express themselves through language, powerful these children to play to their talents through the "action", for the entire operation of the reasons, but he can not say completely, his attention, understanding all the focus on action, in which to experience success and fun. So his mother should encourage him, let him know that this is a kind of talent, but also a great thing. 2, the social intelligence of the age of 4 in the street to see a child in tears, immediately said to his mother: "Mom, he lost." "How do you know?" Mother is very strange. "Because he is a man, and he seems to be looking for someone……" What should you do if you were him?" "I went to the police and told him my name was’ ocean’……" Mom weapon: Ocean observations with very high ability to judge, he asserted that the child lost is collected in accordance with their own ideas for all arguments after the fact concluded. He can be based on other people’s behavior, speculate on their psychological and causes, and can make a correct understanding and judgment, which is his social intelligence in the role of. Yangyang mother in the encouragement and development of children’s social intelligence is very clever way – let the children think with their own minds. With a simple sentence "how do you know?" Let him think and speculate about the cause. After the children worked in a variety of thoughts, plus behind the sentence "if you do, let him put yourself to consider measures and countermeasures, this kind of education is even more perfect, to teach children how to do it is simple, but as a result, it contained the development of thinking ability of children the lost a great opportunity to enhance the social type of children’s intelligence. 3, the language of the intelligence of the 4 year old Lan Lan belongs to the kind of child can say. "You can say it, but you can’t do it!" My mother was speaking.相关的主题文章: