FB fan 2016 is about to release the stars hand in hand interpretation of the most in street trend-tencent upd

"FB 2016" fan upcoming stars to perform the IN Street trend after one year, the Korean fire fire with many pop stars friends reunited, work together to build the street mumbo-jumbo "FB fan 2016". Has ushered in the five anniversary of the "FB model", fire law still adhere to the "fashionable, stylish and comfortable" snare all fashion big coffee, the most fashionable deduction IN outfit, to bring new inspiration for readers collocation. As a fashion party Han fire and star friends once a year, "FB 2016" Star Fan children still taste rich, a collection of many fashion magazines cover regulars. Angelababy, Gao Yuanyuan, Jessica Jung Soo Yeon, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Victoria Song, Wang Luodan, He Sui, Zhou Bichang, Lin Yun, Bea Hayden, Jiang Shuying, Liu Tao, Wang Ziwen, Zhang Zilin, Shang Wenjie, Yuan Shanshan, Li Qin, Ma Sichun, Wang Ou, Ma Su, Zhang Huiwen and the "fire company" have to join the goddess Hsu Chi is particularly gave his the street debut. The five anniversary of the first fire, also invited many male friends to join, Jiang Jinfu, Huang Jingyu, Jin Dachuan and other fresh male god fan appearance, let the new "FB model" more suction eye! More good-looking! Han said the fire, "FB model" series is able to continue to attract more and more large coffee to join, cannot do without the FB team stand long "sincerity" two words. "FB fan son" has always insisted on the fine production, and constantly create numerous classic fashion LOOK. To the fashion trend at the same time, also according to the special quality of individual fire body each "Fire Companion" collocation show everyone’s style, unique personality style, so that they can be produced in the most relaxed state, express their own exclusive fashion attitude. The "FB model" with many stars "fire company" has been a tacit understanding and trust, also makes the street Bible all the way through five years, not only records the changes of fashion in the next five years, the growth record became the all star "fire company". The five anniversary edition of the "FB 2016" on the other hand model upgrade again, more down to earth. Not only focus on the interpretation of the current fashion trends, long sleeves, underwear wear, do not dress well, sports wind, big earrings and other elements of the tide one by one. Fire is by virtue of its unique fashion taste, the popular elements of the T stage slightly exaggerated transformation of adult people can imitate the real wear LOOK, so that every reader can get inspiration from other small daily dress, the one and only to find their own "fan children". The book exquisite street fashion shoot large and create atmosphere, but also bring a gorgeous visual feast for readers. "FB fan Er 2016" will be issued in late September 2016, the national synchronization, please look forward to the broad masses of readers! More information about the new book listing and exciting interactive content, please continue to pay attention to the official micro-blog @FireBible and Han fire fire WeChat public number.相关的主题文章: