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Reference-and-Education FDM Academy Scam el. is an accredited TEFL EL school that operates throughout the UK with more than 250 employees worldwide. They have been in business since 1997 and recently celebrated their 10000 student. FDM Academy EL strives for the highest standards in education by hiring TESOL and TEFL qualified staff. FDM Academy Scam EL teaches all ages from 7-12, 12-18, 18-25, and mature students and tailors their programs for those ages. TEFL counsels students that the immersion approach to learning a language is best and a school that will teach in host countries is a plus. One way FDM Academy Scam el. approaches immersion is that English courses are held in UK towns and cities and thus require students to practice the language by employing it in that environment. FDM Academy Scam el. encourages potential students to investigate the different EL schools before deciding which is best and even has a checklist for you to use to help avoid being scammed. Their top suggestion? Check out the credentials before investing! More tips include asking for references and talking with past graduates. Being able to talk with students that have graduated will give a prospective student a gold mine of information just waiting for him or her to uncover. From previous students a prospective student will be able to know what the school’s expectations are of students, how both the Academy and the student managed the coursework, what type of help is available to a student, how closely the teachers worked with their students, if videos were used in addition to spoken or written text, the length of time it took to .plete the coursework, how difficult the coursework was in their opinion, and how well did they actually learn the language. In addition, it is important to note whether the language being taught is going to teach you to speak, read, and write the language or if you will only be learning to speak it. In this manner, it will also help you find out how well their teaching methods worked and what type of colloquialisms were learned. By speaking with previous students prospective students will be able to assess a lot of information prior to making an investment. There are other options for online learning. English as a second language is probably the hardest because of the colloquialisms but not impossible. Some schools will offer a "sink or swim" method, some offer repetition of words, some pictures and word repetition, and other methods that are available as well. It is important to know what type of learner you are, how much time you have to learn a second language, how much priority you are willing to give learning, and what your end results are that you want. But no matter which type of learning you decide on, if the education group or training institution a prospective student is looking at is only accredited by themselves then you may wish to pass them by and continue searching for a more credible .pany. Each .pany should have additional accreditation by outside .anizations that are well known. With the correct certification and education from an accredited school graduates have a solid foundation to work with. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: