Five days dug lotus winter day dug thousand jins lotus root monthly income 10000 yuan-ghost observer

Five years of digging lotus in winter day digging Jack lotus month million yuan in November 24, 2016, Hubei city of Xiangyang Province, the cold wave struck, very cold, low temperature to below zero, 53 year old Zhou Mingguo stood in the water to dig lotus root ice with water cannons made Outang, mud, and then wash the lotus out. Two days ago, with snow cold wave hit Hubei, instant Outang snow, the temperature dropped. Hubei people love the lotus soup, the more cold weather, the more the higher the price of selling lotus. So, when heavy snow weather, when many people curled up indoors, digging lotus people ushered in the busiest season. "Pepper swallow Valley wine, paying people to dig lotus, others to the fire, I walked into the lake." Read a few doggerel, 53 year old Zhou Mingguo dig lotus with two nephew, put on waterproof clothes down the pool, open Outang ice, picked up the water cannon, the start of the day digging lotus work. Zhou Mingguo dug lotus root has been 16 years, and he dug together lotus roots "old guy" mostly diverted, winter digging lotus roots missing people, he can only start with nephew dig lotus root, fill "human shortage"". The waterproof clothing is easy to cut ice, ice cleaning is the first step to dig lotus. In order to feel the lotus roots at the bottom of the mud, Zhou Mingguo must kneel in the water. One hand held a high pressure gun, and the high pressure hose was pushed down to the surface. The tap is wrapped in Lotus mud at flushing, and then the other hand groping lotus position, caught in the muddy water after a stroke, with a drawing of a string of fresh lotus root surfaced. It takes hundreds of hours to dig lotus roots every day for 6 hours. Dig Lotus "novice" dug up a whole section of high Shuhei lotus, glad to give up. Too hard, now only a handful of people Zhou Mingguo can only dig lotus, the mobilization of the two board dig lotus nephew. Nephew only 3 months high fair, action significantly more slowly. A learning stage, and began to dig a whole section of lotus, lotus accidentally broke into the mud, lotus also can sale.

五旬挖藕人冬季日挖千斤藕 月收万元 2016年11月24日,湖北省襄阳市,寒潮来袭,天寒地冻,气温低至零下,53岁挖藕人周明国站在藕塘冰水中,用高压水枪冲开淤泥,然后将藕挖出来洗干净。两天前,寒潮携风雪袭湖北,藕塘瞬间大雪覆盖,气温骤降。湖北人爱用藕炖汤,天气越冷,藕越畅销,价格越高。于是,大雪天气,当许多人蜷缩在室内时,挖藕人迎来了最忙碌的时节。“辣椒咽谷酒,苦命人挖藕,别人去烤火,我往湖里走。”念着这几句打油诗,53岁的挖藕人周明国带着两个侄儿,换上防水服走下藕塘,推开藕塘的浮冰,拿起高压水枪,开始一天的挖藕工作。周明国挖藕已经16年,和他一起挖藕的“老伙计”大多改行,冬季挖藕缺人,他只能开始带着外甥挖藕,填补“人荒”。由于防水服容易被冰划开,清冰是挖藕的第一步。为了能摸到泥底的藕,周明国必须跪在水里。一只手拿着高压水枪,高压水带被他压到水面下。水龙头对准被淤泥裹住的莲藕冲水,再用另一只手在浑水中摸索藕的位置,抓到后,顺势一捋,再斜着一拔——一串鲜藕就浮出了水面。每天挖藕6小时,这样的动作要几百下。挖藕“新手”高修平挖出一整节藕,高兴地举起来。因为太辛苦,现在的挖藕人屈指可数,周明国只能动员两个外甥搭伙挖藕。外甥高修平才干了3个月,动作明显要慢得多。学习阶段,一开始挖不出整段的藕,一不小心藕就断了,灌进了淤泥的藕也只能贱卖。相关的主题文章: