Fortune magazine published in 2016, the most admired Chinese company Guizhou Moutai ranked el

"Fortune" magazine published 2016 "most admired company Chinese"   Kweichow Moutai ranked eleventh – Guizhou channel — original title: the Most Admired Companies, "fortune" magazine every year Moutai released the 2016 "most admired Chinese company", Kweichow Moutai position ranks eleventh. Recently, Fortune magazine published in 2016, the most admired Chinese companies, Guizhou Moutai once again shortlisted for the list, ranked eleventh. The top ten companies are: Alibaba, HUAWEI, Haier, Tencent, Dalian Wanda, BYD, Jingdong, Zhuhai GREE, Lenovo, Sany. Guizhou Moutai for 11 consecutive years on the list of Fortune magazine’s most admired Chinese companies since its first launch in 2006, has released the list for the past 11 years, known as the soft power of Chinese companies barometer. Reporters statistics found that Guizhou Moutai as the only finalist in the list of enterprises in Guizhou, which, in 2012, 2009 average annual ranking of the best results for the calendar year on the list of ninth. The main criteria for the definition of "Chinese companies" in the survey are: the majority of local enterprises or the main management team located in mainland china. The 294 candidates for the company of the survey information from China National Information Center, the National Bureau of statistics, the SASAC, China Enterprise Federation, Shanghai and the Shenzhen stock exchange and the National Association of industry and Commerce and other authorities. According to the "fortune" 35000 China enterprise management questionnaire, according to each interviewee according to product and service status, long-term investment value of the assets of the company, reasonable use of innovation, quality of management, financial soundness, to attract and retain talent ability, social responsibility and global management effectiveness of the 9 standards for in order to obtain the final candidate scoring list. In this year’s list, the Internet and other popular industry in the top ten accounted for half of the country. According to the "fortune" magazine introduction, the liquor industry in recent years has suffered a great impact and challenges, the industry cycle, three slimming, luxury consumption restrictions on the industry to combat was quite fierce, but Kweichow Moutai has been in action. 2020 production will reach 120 thousand tons as early as in 2013, Moutai took the lead in the transformation of the consumer, the product positioning from the previous high-end business consumption and consumer groups. 2014 stripping series of wine to a separate company, the integration of other liquor to learning wine company, and the company positioning clearly for Moutai wine as the core of high-end liquor operation platform. At the same time, vigorously promote the export of products (Moutai currently in the country liquor wine exports accounted for 50%), last year in Hongkong, Russia, Milan, San Francisco and other places for a promotion, to promote wine culture and wine quality of Moutai, "Moutai healthy drinking wine" has been the consumer’s identity. According to the characteristics of the consumption of overseas liquor market, since 2016, Guizhou Moutai bar consumption as a starting point, with Moutai as a base wine cocktail as a selling point to broaden the overseas consumer market. Not only that, but also actively explore new ways, from the fashion brand used as a subsidiary line product model as a breakthrough in the young people in the wine taste, brand image, camp相关的主题文章: