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Four promotion, highlighting the wisdom of China – Sohu news 2016 APEC Leaders Summit held in Peru, Lima, 19. President Xi Jinping attended and delivered a keynote speech entitled "strengthening partnership to enhance the development of power", emphasize that the Asia Pacific to inject new impetus to the recovery of the world economy, opening a new way for the growth of the world economy. While pursuing its own development, China will actively promote the common development of the Asian Pacific countries and create more opportunities for the people of this region. The APEC summit is the regional cooperation mechanism, but because the APEC members of the population accounted for 40% of the world’s total economic output and trade volume accounted for 57% of global, 48%, and in the world political and economic influence is very important. Last year, the APEC business leaders summit in Manila, President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech, solemnly promised China’s development in the Asia Pacific region, thanks to the Asia Pacific region, will continue to be based in Asia Pacific, the benefit of the Asia pacific." In three years, from the Beijing summit by "APEC promote the realization of the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone" roadmap "APEC interoperability blueprint" "APEC economic innovation and development, reform and growth" to the Manila consensus, "APEC summit to submit the results of the Beijing conference to implement development report 2015", China always uphold the principle of mutual trust, tolerance, the Asia Pacific Partnership cooperation and win-win concept, laid the foundation for the final signing of the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone, and actively promote the realization of common development, progress and prosperity of the Asia Pacific dream. "Keynote speech to deepening the partnership to enhance the development of power" in President Xi Jinping stressed the China concept, China contribution, and coordinated action will grasp the critical juncture, the Asia Pacific Development, new impetus to the recovery of the world economy, economic growth for the world to open up new roads put forward "four promotion" initiative. To promote economic integration and build an open economy is the key to the Asia Pacific Economic cake. Coordination, cooperation is the most important two APEC summit mechanism label. "All rivers run into sea, have the capacity, the world is open, inclusive, China has been to an inclusive attitude towards the world, but we must also see that the Asia Pacific region is also one of the world’s most unstable regions, there is the shadow of the Cold War mentality, ghost is a zero sum game. In the background of today’s world of weak economic growth, the Asia Pacific countries only based on equality, common and HP in the framework of regional cooperation, promote the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone, the engine driving role in order to revitalize regional trade and investment, the bigger and stronger Asia Pacific Economic cake, common benefit of the people in the Asia pacific. Promote interoperability, achieve linkage development is the driving force for the integration of the Asia Pacific Regional trade. The "Chinese has more than and 100 The Belt and Road" strategic planning of national and international organizations involved, with more than and 30 countries along signed to build a "The Belt and Road" cooperation agreement, to carry out international production cooperation with more than and 20 countries, various bilateral and multilateral cooperation fund production scale has more than $100 billion. Such strategic docking, complementary advantages of a comprehensive, complex interconnection network structure, will allow regional cooperation to share opportunities, meet challenges, achieve linkage development. .相关的主题文章: