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Fox fox breakfast | to death only three sedentary exchange – Sohu Sohu the small fox health "sit too long, up exercise!" This is a small fox to listen to too much, sedentary exercise, it is easy to fat accumulation, centripetal obesity, lumbar disc herniation…… Today is October 11th, the world’s thrombus day, @ Kang reminded fox small health, in addition to these chronic diseases, there may be long thrombosis, accidentally turned into a pulmonary embolism, a direct fatal! The last century, Japan’s Osaka University research team for the 1988 to 1990 45 in about 86 thousand people (40-79 years old) and analyzed the data statistics, found that watching TV for a long time will increase the incidence of pulmonary embolism. Study for the length of time to watch TV to do a comparison of the group, the first group to watch TV less than 2.5 hours a day, the group of 2.5~5 hours, the third group of more than 5 hours. The results showed that three groups of people with the risk of pulmonary embolism: more than 5 hours group = 2.5~5 hours group × = less than 2.5 hours group ×. As of the end of 2009, a total of 59 people died of pulmonary embolism in the study, of which more than 13 people watched TV at more than 5 hours a day. The reason is mainly due to prolonged meditation, leg activity, resulting in slow blood flow, poor circulation, the formation of thrombosis. It is easy to fall off, follow the blood circulation to the lungs, block the pulmonary artery and its branches, and cause pulmonary embolism. Do not think that pulmonary embolism is a small problem, it can instantly you. You may feel chest pain, hemoptysis, fever, difficulty breathing, and even syncope. If you are not in time, you may be able to see god. Of course, this is the previous research, now we use computer, mobile phone, the two is better than TV appeal to sit, may have to sit for longer periods of time. Deep venous thrombosis, there are pictures and the truth of Chinese medical science @ doctor with a picture tells a small fox, clots would look like that. We can see that the blood flow more slowly, gradually grew into a thrombus, some also gather together, the clot blocking blood vessels, small easily blocking other small vessels. Long thrombosis, there will be some uncomfortable, such as the occurrence of ankle swelling, leg vein swelling, leg swollen legs, calf mild itching pain, etc.. From the appearance point of view, there may be two sides as thick: leg numb, can be rolled up pants look is not swollen legs! Take a long distance, but also to be careful to watch TV, with a computer, which is a long time of active sedentary, and may also move, but if you take a long-distance car, would like to move a very difficult. Zhu Xiaoyin @ vascular surgery, the doctor said, deep venous thrombosis causes many long-distance travel is one of the important factors. Because of the need for a long time by car, by plane, most of these vehicles are small, limiting the activities of passengers. When the continuous hours lack of activity, lower limb blood stasis and blood clots easily, this is the deep vein thrombosis, is often called the "economy class syndrome". Deep venous thrombosis may occur in each!相关的主题文章: