Fujian Province, the development of medicine in Taichung planning over 70% county-level hospi demonophobia

Fujian Medical Development Planning   out of Taichung County Hospital of Chinese medicine; over 70% will reach two more than a – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Fujian from Taichung pharmaceutical development plan over 70% TCM hospitals at county level will reach two more than a province of the development of Chinese medicine, to a new level. The day before, the provincial government issued on the Fujian Province Chinese medicine health service development plan (2016-2020) notice. Notice clearly, to 2020, and strive to enhance the traditional Chinese medicine hospital beds per million resident population of more than 6; categories of Chinese medicine practitioners (including assistants) to enhance the number of doctors per million resident population of 4.5 people; to ensure that more than 70% of the province’s County Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine reached two and above a level. In addition, the notice also mentioned, each of the municipalities and districts and counties (city) in principle to run a public hospital of traditional Chinese medicine; encourage public hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in cooperation with social forces organized non-profit medical institutions of the new. Personnel training, to cultivate talents of Chinese backbone 1000 base; cultivating the excellent young and famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 150; Chinese domestic isitor 100; the construction of 60 TCM expert studio inheritance and 6 inheritance of TCM academic schools studio; the selection of 60 provincial old Chinese medicine, collation, academic experience inheritance to strengthen publicity and promotion, and strive to have a master of traditional Chinese medicine. Notice clearly, to promote Changtai, Shishi, Yongan, Xianyou County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine blank (city) the new 1 county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, the community health service centers and township health centers to select the construction of 420 basic Chinese medicine. (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Yuan Liqun) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章: