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Legal There are only two things in live that are certain, as the saying goes, and that is death and taxes. When it .es to sorting out our liabilities though, most of us break out in a sweat. We are never really sure if we have everything right or whether the dreaded audit is a definite possibility. However, for those who are not confident enough to figure this out for themselves, finding a tax lawyer is probably a wise thing to do. Indeed, an IRS defense expert will try to make sure that no penalties are inflicted on his client and this now is where he earns his keep. Most people own a house these days, or have a spouse to consider, so when it .es to paying mandatory levies on in.e etc we often fall foul of some rule or another that we are unaware of. Ignorance is no defense in the eyes of the law so unless the householder is very aware of all the rules and regulations, making simple mistakes can happen all too often. Once these .e to the attention of the dreaded government auditor this is where problems can begin for sure. Most people do not understand the difference between a lien and a levy. Indeed, all liens are is a right to money after the sale of something. For example, if collateral was put up for a loan, say stocks or shares, then a lien is placed on those stocks and shares for when or if they are sold. In other words, it stops anyone from selling up and running away until the bank has retrieved what it lent out. The bank cannot seize the goods, nor can it sell without the permission of the owner. A levy, on the other hand, is something quite different. A levy .es after the lien has been granted and will only be acted upon if the borrower does not satisfy the lien in a specific period. This would give the bank the right to seize the goods and transfer ownership or sell the goods themselves to recover the loss. If the householder is unlucky enough to have a lien placed on his property by the Inland Revenue Service, the consequences can be dire. Major credit agencies will be informed and his credit rating could go through the floor. If the house, which was where the lien has been placed, is sold, these people take what they think is their dues, including penalties and interest accrued, before the poor householder gets his hands on a penny. With a levy, anything can be taken by these people. They could grab the property, even grab wages that are due and freeze bank accounts too leaving the poor person at a loss for words. This is where the expert is needed to find a way to make everything calm again. Because they know all the rules pertaining to this subject they can often work out a deal that is acceptable by both parties before things get out of hand. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: