Get Over Yourself! You Are Enough So Get Over Yourself-t420s

Success I was lying in bed last night. When I am in bed in the middle of the night and I wake up I either have my greatest moments of inspiration or my greatest moments of self-doubt. Last night I had one of my greatest moments of self-doubt. I think that Im not good enough. Then my thoughts came to me that said Get over yourself, you are good enough. Im enough. Im enough, I kept repeating over and over in my head. I should think I am more than enough because I have to Lord on my side also. I believe this is the main reason that most people dont have success in business and in their lives. They believe that they arent enough. They have limiting thoughts and beliefs floating around that stay with them throughout their whole lives. They make it through life but not well. They settle for less than their best because of some childhood trauma, someone telling them they arent good enough over and over again, or some disappointment that keeps them from doing the one thing that they were put on this earth to do. I believe that not many people ever accomplish what they were put one Earth to do. Thats because they refuse to just say get over yourself and do it. The only thing stopping them is what is in their head. Is that your problem? I know it was mine. I just refused to get over myself long enough to do what God wants me to do. I get inside my head and refuse to see outside myself. I think that I am not confident. Most people see me as confident and powerful. I hear that from people all the time but I refuse to believe it. Why I cant believe that I am nothing more that an abused little girl that was raised as an only child in the middle of nowhere, I dont know. I am not a little girl anymore and I dont live in the middle of nowhere anymore. The one who told me I was nothing, my dad, has been dead for over 10 years now. I need to keep saying to myself, get over yourself, Im enough, Im enough, Im enough. Is that what you deal with? Do you deal with limiting beliefs that keep you from doing the thing that you know you were put on the planet to do? If so you need to change your thinking. You need to think outside yourself and get over yourself. You are enough and you can do it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: