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Global women’s chest rankings! China women on average only A cup…… – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: global women’s chest rankings! China women on average only A cup…… According to Hongkong Oriental Daily reported data map website Target Map recently published the global distribution of female breast size, according to Russian women’s champion. On the chest size, Russian women are the world’s most of the country’s average more than female breasts D cup, can match only the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Norway and Finland women from the United States, Brazil, Columbia, Venezuela and other countries women are followed, have a cup of D, France, Italy, Australia; Britain and Canada and other countries are female, with average C cup. In Africa, Asia and other countries and regions, including the average woman chest in the mainland and Hongkong Chinese only A cup. Why Chinese women’s breasts than Russia and other European countries such as women? PLA General Hospital, deputy director of Department of burns and plastic surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of doctor Liang Liming explained: in fact, it is not difficult to understand, the difference between the main or race. Yellow is smaller, and the breast glandular tissue is relatively large, relatively less fat; coupled with the differences of diet structure, Westerners with high fat and high calorie diet, it is also easy to form the fullness of the chest. Chinese chest PK: women in northern than southern women however, according to Taobao data platform provides data show that China’s women buy B cup most probably accounted for 70%; 10% to buy C cup, and the north of Xinjiang, Gansu and other places; and the purchase of A cup is accounted for more than 20%, since ancient times. The beauty of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places of the women generally buy A cup. Why China north and South women’s breasts breasts smaller? Beam dawn explained, breast size and dietary structure, especially a great relationship in fat intake, Northwest China’s Xinjiang and Gansu, eating more beef and mutton, so the northwest women in general are tall, relatively sturdy, and chest naturally with big, southern women diet is relatively light, with vegetables, vegetarian, so the bust will be affected. In addition, according to the data released by, 34 cup bra sales best. Mysterious black and sexy style, gather most women welcome Chinese effect. 34 cup bra lateral force strong, suitable for the expansion of the chest outside or flat women, because it can be breast from both sides to the middle push, increase the breasts fullness. But if the chest itself is full of women, it is recommended to select a full cup bra, because it can be diffusion or relaxation of the breast tightening. The best choice for women sagging breasts half cup, with the lower half part of the direct support of the breast. The breast of the road, in order to have more risks than means of breasts, women find breasts of merit. Liang Liming, the current method of breast common are: food, medicine, acupuncture, massage breast enhancement, breast enhancement, breast movement underwear and breast surgery. Food breast enhancement is defined by adjusting the diet, the use of food inside the camp相关的主题文章: