Golden Week news came to the end of the weekend does not stop these hotspots need to continue to foc diying

Golden Week news came to the end of the weekend does not stop these hotspots need to continue to focus on! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Remittance network September 30th hearing – this week will end, ushered in the "eleven" holiday, but some hot spots are still worth investors sustained attention. This week, the United States presidential election debate, Democratic candidate Hilary temporarily leading Republican candidate, Trump. At present, deutsche bank crisis continues, next week will usher in a super nonfarm week, following the August non farm performance after a weak September data, the exceptionally important, whether to further support the Fed rate hike is expected in December. In addition, the RBA rate decision will be announced, when the global financial market data raging like a storm. September payrolls report on Beijing next Friday (October 7th) 20:30 will be announced in September U.S. payrolls report, taking into account the August payrolls data for September weak enough optimistic confirms that the United States labor market is still very strong, so as to support the Fed’s December rate hike expectations. Economists generally expect nonfarm payrolls in September is expected to be 176 thousand, the unemployment rate was 4.9%. But Nomura Securities expects the U.S. 9 seasonally adjusted nonfarm payrolls increased 211 thousand. In September 27th released data show that the U.S. September Conference Board consumer confidence index rose to 104.1, the highest in August 2007, and for third consecutive months rose. Sub indicators show that the U.S. September employment market difference index rose to 6.3. After the U.S. consumer confidence index experienced a downturn in the long period, the final job market conditions appears to have been improved to key nodes, namely consumers generally believe that the job market is starting to good job seekers, rather than the employer. Stronger than expected U.S. September Conference Board consumer confidence index to the bank that the expected value of 211 thousand. For the gold price trend, industry experts remind National Day during the international price of gold or still in shock consolidation, the biggest factor during the festival is in October 7th the U.S. payrolls data released. Domestic factors closed based on recommendations to "reassuring" investors choose short holidays. China September official manufacturing PMI Beijing time on Saturday (October 1st) will be released in China in September the official manufacturing PMI, the expected value of 50.4, the former value of 50.4. For the National Day holiday, Chinese Caixin manufacturing PMI ahead to September 30th released data show that in September, China Caixin recorded 50.1, compared to August rose by 0.1 percentage points, three consecutive months of leave contraction interval, there are signs of stabilization. The new financial think tank moneta research director Zhong Zhengsheng said the macro, from the manufacturing industry for nearly 3 months, PMI seems to be seen slightly signs of stabilization, but the recent growth of fiscal revenue, fiscal expenditure low rise and fall sharply late, inadequate support for economic power, industrial production under risk. Congressional budget negotiations Friday is the deadline for the United States Congress to negotiate on the government budget, if the United States相关的主题文章: