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Good convenience! Huzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for Chinese medicine free delivery express good news! In the future, people who need traditional Chinese medicine service don’t have to go back and forth. Now the Huzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially launched the generation of fried Chinese courier direct home convenience service, as long as the patient in the hospital left the address and contact information, the traditional Chinese medicine decoction will be delivered to the doorstep by courier, removed due to lack of time, distance and other reasons to take medicine to trouble. In order to let some inconvenience to the hospital dispensary patients to be convenient, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine new push this year express delivery convenience services. After the doctor prescribed the prescription, if you need to be decocted, just send the prescription to the drug delivery window of the Chinese medicine room, and check the exact delivery address and contact information, you can go home and wait for Chinese medicine delivery. In addition to the city, other areas in Zhejiang can also enjoy the service. The day of the prescription in the downtown area of Huzhou and neighboring Changxin County, Anji County, second days before the 14:00 delivery, remote rural areas are delivered on the evening of the second day before 18:00; the main city of Hangzhou (except Zhoupu, Yuan Pu, Tong, and small mountain), second days before the 14:00 delivery; the rest of Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, third day delivery. The express fee is free, voluntary choice by the patient, if give up express, can still go to the hospital looking. City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine official said, Chinese medicine courier service is only an innovative attempt, in the future, the hospital will also be based on the needs of the masses, the introduction of other convenient services.

好方便!湖州中医院推出代煎中药免费快递服务好消息!今后需要中药代煎服务的市民,不必来回奔波啦。即日起湖州市中医院正式推出代煎中药快递直送到家的便民服务,患者只要在该院留下地址和联系方式,代煎的中药将通过快递送到家门口,免去因没有时间、距离远等原因造成取药难的麻烦。为了让一些不便自行上医院取药的患者得到切实的便利,市中医院今年新推快递送药便民服务。患者在医生处开完处方后,如需代煎的,只需将处方交到中药房发药窗口,并核对准确的送药地址和联系方式,便可回家等待中药送货上门。除了本市,浙江省内其他地区也可同享受该服务。当天的处方,湖州市区内及临近的长兴县区、安吉县区,第二天14:00之前进行投递,偏远农村地区则在第二天晚上18:00之前进行投递;杭州主城区(除转塘、周浦、袁浦、小和山外),第二天14: 00之前进行投递;德清县区、浙江省内其他地区,第三天送达。快递费用均为免费,由患者自愿选择,如果放弃快递,仍可以前往医院自取。市中医院有关负责人表示,中药快递服务只是一次创新尝试,今后该院还将根据群众需求,陆续推出其它的便民服务。相关的主题文章: