Google’s integrated application of its productivity changed its name to G suite increased intelligen super bass

Google’s productivity application integration renamed G Suite increase the intelligent characteristics of Google for its productivity toolkit rename and adds new intelligent characteristics, help them better with the Microsoft Office 365 competition. G Suite is a new name for this group of applications, including Gmail, Google calendar, documents, spreadsheets, and slides. Google wants to use this set of applications to motivate employees to work more efficiently, with a focus on improving their ability to collaborate. With the help of Google intelligence, documents, spreadsheets, and slides make it easier to create files quickly. In addition, the Google calendar also updated, you can make arrangements for the meeting is more simple, but also easy to use the SkyDrive team. For enterprises, also one of the most important announcement is the new SkyDrive service, which allows enterprises to establish their own group in Google in SkyDrive. This is different from the previous design of the product, it is very convenient for enterprises. Because there may be a lot of people flow in the enterprise team, different documents in the ownership of the employees move more trouble. In addition, Google’s Hangouts video conferencing service will be promoted, people can join to join the conference from any device, and do not need to install an application or plug-in. Currently, the function is still in the internal testing phase. All in all, the introduction of these new features is designed to make the latest toolkit more attractive to the team.相关的主题文章: