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UnCategorized When discussing online promotion with authors, I often hear, "I don’t have time to Facebook and blog." We all have as much time as the next person, but I think what many authors really fear is spending time promoting their books online and not getting any results. Here are 10 tips on how to make your online activities more productive: Tip -1 Focus on the activities most likely to build your audience. The Author Platform, an on-demand coaching program, teaches authors the best tools to use online. Tip -2 Leverage your activities. Here’s an example: Write an article for an ezine or magazine. Before submitting the article, break it up into 4 or 5 blog posts. Tip -3 Utilize RSS feeds. For example, you can feed your blog posts into your Amazon and Facebook profiles. Tip -4 Use a feed reader like Feedburner, Google Reader or your outlook reader and keep just the top 40 sites you want to interact with on a regular basis Tip -5 Be strategic with your feed reader. Don’t just add any 40 blogs to follow, select blogs who can be your market influencers. Tip -6 Spend time interacting with your top 40 blogs by leaving high-quality .ments on their blogs. Once your own online presence is built, you will get more results by reaching out to others. Tip -7 Motivate people to take action at every opportunity possible. For example, put pictures of your book with links to Amazon as part of your email signature. Tip -8 Convert your audience into book buyers by creating incentives. For example, buy 5 copies of my book by XX date and I’ll send you a free CD with 10 secrets you won’t find anywhere else. Tip -9 Keep in mind you are creating a conversation about your book. A good idea is to search Google Trends for the most used keywords and tie your message into those keywords. Tip -10 Track your stats. When selling a book, you have to build your audience first, get people talking about your book second, and then be creative on how to get these people to buy your book. Watching your blog stats, seeing how many people visit your Amazon profile, growing your Facebook and Twitter friends are all ways to keep you motivated during the early months of your book promotion. Building a strong author platform will take time. Be goal-driven and persistent. If you’d like more help getting through the learning curve of online promotion, be sure to look into our on-demand coaching program at The Author Platform. An article I read today makes a case that Self-Publishing is not a last resort for authors. I absolutely agree. Landing a contract with a royalty publisher like Random House is a great ambition for many authors, but it may not be the best option for every author. Every author and every book is unique and authors today have many options to choose from, from POD publishing to self-publishing (starting your own publishing .pany) to royalty publishing. The key is getting people to read your book and as Adam Balkin says in his article, if your book is good, people will read it. I will add that you also need to know who your primary audience is and how to reach them. Social Media is, in my opinion, the key to connecting with your target audience and getting people to read. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: