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Grievances! Her identity was drug use was 7 years Traffic and patrol police sent said Wei "drug information records". 24 year old Wei (a pseudonym) has just entered the society soon, but looking for a job and a driver’s license when she touched the wall, because of drug abuse was arrested in Zhuhai in 2009 "". But Wei is very frustrated, because she was in high school in 2009, and have never been to Zhuhai, how could the local drug? She almost did not find work Wei home in Shapingba, to participate in the work of more than a year. Recently, Wei took a test subjects. But a few days ago, but received a message sent to the police patrol platform, showing that the drug is not approved". Wei feel wronged and angry: "why is this" unwarranted "records, have not been eliminated?" Wei is looking for a job in a year ago, they have found drug records "in the public security system. When she came to the Shapingba police station mouth open to prove, the police told Wei, caught her in Zhuhai in 2009 when the drug, therefore cannot be open to prove. Wei was shocked, before that he had never been to Zhuhai, 2009, at the age of 17, she was in high school. She hurried through the public security departments to query this drug record, which has been captured drug addicts photos, this is not me, but I am a little like." Drug record has not been in accordance with the provisions of the public security department, the Department must enter the record of the application, after verification to eliminate. Last year, Wei first went to Guangdong Zhuhai, went straight to the entry of this "drug use" station. After verification, the local police station confirmed that Wei’s identity was fraudulent drug addicts, was arrested drug woman and Wei is not the same person. Wei said, the police issued a written proof to her, let her return to Chongqing after successfully find a job. Handling police explained to her, to apply for the elimination of the documents handed over, to three to six months in order to eliminate online. "Three months later, I called again, but the record was not gone……" Now, this record has brought trouble to wei. Have to go to Zhuhai a few days ago, Wei phone to contact the local police station in Zhuhai. A police said, before the police handling has been removed, and then apply for the file may be missing, may also be due to other reasons not to pay up, so Wei "drug records" has not been eliminated. Yesterday, Wei told reporters that she has a lot of questions, decided to go to Zhuhai. In which the police reminded the public to find their identity information is abnormal, the first time to appeal to the relevant departments, in order to avoid the same distress like wei. Newspaper reporter Tan Yao (Chongqing Morning News)相关的主题文章: