Grow tangled to cram school govos

To cram it up with the original title: to cram it up with the author: Xia Zhenbin Zhang Zhangxi as early as the sea level in the world of children is the best to earn money, look at the fire cram school will know, many classes are expensive but also a hard to find, and, in the training of children age more and more small. Some children have not learned to speak Chinese, it has been in the English training class. Are these training really useful for children’s growth? Let the happy childhood spent in school classroom, really worth it? Go to cram school, parents will always be a tangled topic of enlightened and tolerant parents, let the children grow up happy, is worried about the children in the exam the competitiveness is not enough; but do a tiger mother, worried that children will only quietly without vitality. Do not go to cram school, in fact, is the concept of happiness education encountered cold test reality, so many parents anxious and tangled topic. Children do not attend primary school before, I like many parents, it is not a strong supporter of makeup, want to do an enlightened parents to give children a happy childhood. After all, the truth is there, we all understand. However, the child entered the primary school, he began not so calm, not for makeup or makeup, extremely tangled heart. Not all kinds of interest in kindergarten classes, nothing more than a little talent. Children have a lot of time every day to play in the sand downstairs, and small partners crazy run, as long as the heart is not happy, for parents is the best. However, a primary school is completely different. You suddenly found that those who used to play with sand every day, riding a bicycle in the area where the children can not see, they began to run on the road in a variety of cram school. While their children are not Curve Wrecker, did not like the other kids won the piano, chess, Mathematical Olympiad certificate. In the arena of life, other people’s children on the runway from a young age, and now do not seize the time, even if they did not lose at the starting line, the gap will be widening. Social competition is so fierce, how to do in the future? Children do not consider these, adults can not think of a long-term point? At the thought of these, suddenly pressure mountain. Watching the kids homework Lanlansansan, lessons muddle along appearance, anxious to get angry. Moreover, do not go to cram school tangle, not only from other people’s children’s pressure, the reality of school teaching is also very difficult to rest assured. The teacher’s teaching schedule is based on the average progress of the class. On the cram school students, the teacher found that most of the students quickly mastered the content, it will speed up the progress, did not report classes of children will suffer. More importantly, although the implementation of quality education, students at this stage to reduce the burden on children, but sooner or later have to face, such as the selection of the senior high school entrance examination entrance examination, now relaxed, who knows it will become the future water tears? Who can not really relax. Look at those who were carrying a big bag, wearing a small glasses, usually without a break, the weekend is also difficult to relax the child, the heart really do not want their children so tired. I hope he can have a light of heart from care of childhood, can sleep to nature to wake up every day, Wei相关的主题文章: