Guangzhou 9 year old boy abducted 7 years in Guangxi was saved by selling 3000 yuan

Guangzhou 9 year old boy abducted 7 years in Guangxi was saved by selling 3000 yuan (correspondent Peng Shaoxiong Joey Leung) recently, the Ministry of public security, police uniform deployment of the Guangdong Provincial Department of crackdown department under the Guangzhou Whampoa  joint police crackdown office in Guangxi City, Lingshan police support collaboration, after 3 years of unremitting the investigation, through the line tracking, cracked a case of trafficking in women and children, has captured Deng Moulan (female, 40 years old), Deng Moushi (male, 41 years old, are Guangxi Lingshan people) 2 suspects, and went to Guangxi Lingshan County rescue an abducted children aged 9 to 9 days on November 7, 2016. His wife and children abducted 4 years lost in October 2013, the masses Jiang (male, Guizhou) to Whampoa  police said his wife Tanmou (identified, mild mental retardation), son Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) (born October 2007, the 2 year old) in December 2009 after the disappearance has been lost, Tanmou in in September 2013 to go home, and called it the mother of two who is Tanmou fellow Alan trafficked to Guangxi Lingshan village a villager Deng Division home, his son Xiao Ming in the local. Whampoa  police attention, immediately deployed Police Brigade, Hongshan police elite police set up a task force to carry out investigation. In mid October 2013, police rushed to the Guangxi Lingshan investigation, with the assistance of local police, in-depth visits to the Lingshan County village victim Tanmou was closed after the turn to live, to confirm the Tanmou in local life is a period of time, and to turn Mocha suspect Deng division some basic information. But the child abducted Xiaoming still untraceable. Unscrupulous fellow for money crime at the same time, the police to verify the identity of the suspect "Alan". According to the victim Qinmou said that Alan is her hometown in Guangxi, the two had better relations, often have dealings. Through in-depth investigation, the police mastered the Alan as the identity of Deng Moulan, who was in the vicinity of Guangzhou City, Xintang, temporary residence. In August 2015, according to the investigation clues, Whampoa  police arrested Deng Moulan. The investigation, Deng Moulan the victim Tanmou family conflicts, will Qinmou and his son Xiao Ming from Whampoa  through to Guangxi Zengcheng to bring home in Lingshan, then the Tanmou sold to local villagers Deng division wife, Xiao Ming was Deng a division of an adoption, from Deng Moulan to receive commissions 3000 yuan. In March 2016, Deng Moulan is Whampoa  people’s court to the crime of trafficking in women and children sentenced to 7 years in prison. Five in Guangxi seven in Lingshan in order to trace the received turn suspect Deng Xiaoming’s whereabouts of abducted children and a division of the Whampoa  police, timely Deng division listed as online fugitives, and investigators from 2013 to 2016, has 5 times to travel to Guangxi, 7 times in a village in Lingshan, long time in the local investigation, repeatedly contact some friends and relatives and the local villagers suspect, through carry out legal education, a division of Deng urged timely to surrender to the public security organs. But Deng division Long elusive, and abducted children are likely to change names have been hiding. 2016, in support of the Department under the Lingshan police crackdown, Whampoa  police carry out the investigation work together. 20.相关的主题文章: