Guanlan town art workshop, with art and life tourism Sohu tonya mitchell

Guanlan town art workshop, with art and life tourism Sohu art originates from the details of life, combination of art and life everywhere, from the classic enthusiasm for art, classic source of inspiration from classic graffiti, exacting detail. Guanlan Town Arts Factory is Southern China unique international Wenchuang complex project, a set of manual experience, original design, Museum exhibition as one of the third Creative Park dioan. Exhibition bureau just launched the first art workshop, in May after the official opening, Tin Toy Museum, art museum manual 9…… Will continue to bring surprises. An ordinary paper carefully after creation, it can be 4 meters high in the Eiffel Tower, can become very romantic in the evening; it can be a sunset sail pirate ship; it can also be soul". Paper sculpture "soul", given the general white soul, with works through interaction, try with their body and soul dialogue. Paper is one of the four great inventions of China. As a kind of sensitive, delicate and fragile material, it has become an important medium for artists. The paper cut, tear, knead knitting and bonding, carving cutting technology means to create origami works, to express to the nature, and the original survival state of human emotional imagination and vision. The traditional fine paper cutting process and computer precision design of the picture together, and join the modern light and three-dimensional technology. The precision mechanics calculation, to create environment-friendly paper design 4 meters of Eiffel Tower, it is filled with 3D texture, become very romantic in the flickering. The artists play with dexterous hands, ability and cleverness, rich imagination, create a magnificent shapes, the paper works. And in the evening sunset sail pirate ship, the staggered, like the reflection in the calm sea, masts, sails, sail seaman etc. every detail very lifelike…… When the night falls, the gray sky. In the hustle and bustle of the city, people enjoy the bustling and lonely city. People are used to being indifferent to others. The material of vanity, spiritual loss. Light red wine, this lonely. The night has been deep, dim the lights more deep. The night of the world, more jiaorao. There may be no color of the night. In my eyes, the beauty of the night, and the day. A visual feast Guanlan town square, in the bright stars, with a bottle of wine delicacy, beat plus point notes, this day the perfect romantic poems, bright stars, glittering neon light, cool breeze, Guanlan town is enchanting. We can be silent in the noisy day. When the night comes, we can begin to think. In the vast sky, some people began to create a night action…… During the trip, I will meet many different cities and experience many different hotels. Many years later, when you look at the photograph.相关的主题文章: