Hair tattoo smoking 17 year old girl clubbing each learn to do

Hair tattoo smoking 17 year old girl clubbing each learn to do hair, tattoos, smoking, clubbing…… 17 year old girls learn to do everything, still failed to get the attention of parents, and even want to commit suicide. After two hours with her, she gave up the idea of suicide. This year 17 year old Shan, has been living in a friend’s mother’s home, every day to go back to see someone else’s family is a happy life of the three, their parents rarely contact her. According to the introduction of small, parents at the age of 5, she divorced her mother to do business outside, the father’s character is honest and introverted, after they were composed of a new family, she followed her mother. Mother did a lot of business, basically no time to take care of her, she grew up in a stranger’s home, although they are very good to her, but she did not feel happy. In order to attract the attention of his mother, she began to follow others " bad ", smoking, clubbing, skipping and so on, the results were disastrous, even so, still say I don’t have time for her mother, she is really unbearable, even thought Dutch act, then came to the psychological clinic in Wuhan City Hospital of Wuchang. Psychiatric admissions director Luo Ruqin examination found that Xiaoshan currently in a depressed state, has not been developed for depression, psychological counseling positive is very effective. First of all, she must learn to use the right way to express love, love trouble children will only give parents more negative emotions; secondly, let her know about myself as a soon to be adults need to take family and social responsibility; finally, once the bad mood will be unable to communicate and family. Timely and psychological experts to communicate. Luo director, senior high school students’ psychological problems are more likely to appear in the superior family of children, parents only meet the material needs, rarely change their inner relationship, long time psychological distortion, depression will lead to the occurrence of mental illness, caused a lot of obstacles for children to life after. Parents should pay more attention to the child’s health, rather than the material life. (reporter correspondent Yu Lijuan Shi Weiwei)相关的主题文章: