Han Chunyu a power outage in August experimental material to make me very passive yezimei

Han Chunyu: in August a damage to the power of experimental material makes me very passive Han Chunyu original title: Han Chunyu said: in August a power outage damaged materials, let me very passive times weekly reporter FU Cong from Shijiazhuang upheaval of the first half of the Han Chunyu puzzle, answer is still not opened. Today, the opening of the Hebei University of science and technology academy website, a song "huanxisha, Dr. Han Chunyu invented the word" gene scissors hanging on third, two behind the news is about half a year ago because of "Nobel prizes" Han Chunyu found papers published in the top journals "Nature & middot; biological technology" (hereinafter referred to as "" natural "and famous journals). For five months, the young scholar has been questioned by the reproducibility of the experiment. Recently, 12 scientists submitted to the journal Nature of its experimental results, and the results of Han Chunyu’s papers are different. The spokesman responded that the press has received a number of opinions on the Korean spring paper, criticism after peer review, it may be published. October 31st, after more than a dozen phone calls, the weekly Times reporter finally contacted Han Chunyu himself. He told die Zeit reporter, scientists hope to be able to discuss with him face to face. In August this year, the sudden power failure caused by the laboratory of all the experimental materials are damaged, so I have been very passive." Han Chunyu spoke with some helpless, but very fast, he repeatedly stressed that he is very busy, for half a year to be a wave of reporters pursued, he was quite tired. In August of this year, Han Chunyu has revealed that six or seven laboratories have successfully replicated the results of the NgAgo, but declined to disclose which. And recently in the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, Han Chunyu said, let me prove innocence is clearly set for me". "It’s just a matter of scientific discussion, and now I’m repeating my experiment. Only this can not give a certain period of time, it is difficult to have a scientific experiment time requirements." Han Chunyu told die Zeit reporter. Is a "Nobel prizes" the change, not only has a little-known young scholar Han Chunyu, also not well-known Hebei University Of Science and Technology. This year ranked 200 in the rankings over the two engineering colleges, have an academic star, also have to enter the "double first" opportunity. Although the rain Han puzzle is not yet known, but the Hebei University Of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the "River") Biological Engineering (gene editing) has been incorporated into the University of Hebei province "double class" in the construction of the 17 "world first-class discipline construction project", is the river branch as the two level of high school only selected subjects. The storm in the laboratory at the Hebei University Of Science and Technology campus Han spring laboratory experiment of an old building, hanging in front of the building to a lot of publicity atlas, in the Faculty of the column, hangs the Han Chunyu winning news. The weather has been cold in the North China Plain, not many people in experimental building, many laboratories are open the door, Han Chunyu’s lab is the door locked, which was empty, the flask and utensils placed abnormal neat, the window also put a lot of pot, a little more than the other laboratory life 7相关的主题文章: