Harbin Beltway a trailer bridge fell into the ice lake express boondoggle face gossip

Harbin Beltway a trailer bridge fell into the ice lake express Daliaoshuipiao yesterday morning, occurred in Harbin high-speed willow lake bridge together with the vehicle crashed into a bridge accident. In the accident, a large trailer pulled shipped nearly 20 tons of breakbulk cargo boondoggle, a driver was lucky to escape in time to hospital. Yesterday morning, reporters came to the scene to see, the bridge vehicle broke through the outside of the bridge guardrail into the bridge from less than 10 meters of the lake, the ice was smashed, the car red large extended Trailer only a small part of his body. The car pulled a lot of cargo scattered on the ice, many of which are express, as well as paint barrels, etc.. The scene has officers and police conducted a temporary control of the traffic on the bridge, only one lane for vehicles through, due to traffic congestion is not today. Guardrail and rail and other ancillary facilities on the bridge is 20 meters long, serious damage. It belongs to the incident, happiness village committee director Xue Hu introduced at the time of the incident at 1 pm, the vehicle crashed into a bridge had a great sounding, lived about one hundred meters distance bridge villagers were awakened after running out of the car to see, most of the body has fallen into the lake, a middle-aged man to escape from the car in the upper part of the cab, trapped in the vehicle is damaged due to the surrounding ice to leave. While the vehicle is still sinking, the water depth of 4 meters. Villagers hurried to call people to help save the village staff immediately reported to the office. At the same time, after the incident, the road bridge in road personnel after the dangerous in time to rescue. After the alarm, the fire brigade arrived in time, the man was rescued after being rushed to hospital 120. After the scene confirmed that the car was only one driver. After understanding, the car is made from kiln generation logistics to loading direction to Jiamusi, do not want to just driving more than and 10 km accident. Site rescue personnel told reporters, the car was shipped LTL cargo of nearly 20 tons, of which there are many courier items. At the same time, there lived the bridge nearby villagers told reporters that in October 22nd, the bridge in the location of the incident happened in an SUV crashed through the guardrail bridge accident, the driver unfortunately drowned. As of 18 am today, the reporter learned from the scene, due to the difficulty of rescue and terrain conditions and other factors, the rescue program is still under discussion. Meanwhile, the cause of the accident is also related to the Department of further investigation. Double eleven has just ended, express the amount of the next few days will be bursting! A lot of people do not get their express parcels, so if to express it slowly, please also more understanding and considerate of riding a bicycle, fighting in a world of ice and snow express little buddy. Because in your express delivery is too slow, don’t forget our express little brother, also riding a bicycle in the snow for you worry. In the corner you complain because an object is damaged and innocuous, you have not thought about when they express delivery fell many times. All are still riding a bicycle to send express little brother points Z AN in a world of ice and snow!相关的主题文章: