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Health resort to deceit repeated   illegal meeting standard promotion method — Finance — reporter survey found that in Hubei, Heilongjiang, Fujian and other places in the health care market, celebrity endorsements, the approval number of resort to deceit and other traditional problems still repeated, the most recent meeting, WeChat sales and illegal sales to new trends sales of health products on behalf of illegal fund-raising etc.. They have suggested that the health care products companies "to deal with the old chaos Huyou" blow, improvement of the market regulatory system, intensify the crackdown to curb the health care market chaos spread trend. Health care products through the meeting of WeChat sales in recent years, in addition to television advertising in the traditional way of selling, health talks and other illegal meeting in the form of health care products sales in the industry has become the "standard" promotion method. Some criminals through the health lectures, gifts to attract the elderly, and gradually brainwashed, and finally to the elderly disguised promotional health care products without qualification. The reporter saw in the vicinity of Wuhan city Xu Dong Da Jie Wang Jia Dun District, a short road only two hundred meters long alley, there are three companies selling health care products, the elderly in and out, every store is very lively. In these stores, you can listen to health lectures, free blood pressure measurement of blood sugar, and sometimes the first few who can also get into the store to buy eggs, many people finally bought a lot of health care products. A person engaged in the sale of health care products industry sources, marketing products must start from the point of care, the elderly have contact, family situation and other information, began to old people, care for the elderly to get disease, elderly people gradually trust through communication, finally sell products. Harbin city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of health food cosmetics supervision department director Wang Weihua told reporters that in recent years the health care products companies continue to transform sales means, through the convening of the meeting, to provide free goods to attract the elderly to participate in the scene, issuing leaflets and selling products, this kind of health care products through illegal meeting the sales increased. According to the Tianjin Consumers Association released the information, at the beginning of April, the public Ms. Zhou in the elderly health care training in the Binhai New Area, on the spot to spend 26000 yuan to buy a operators claim capsule has the effect of curing cancer, returned home and found the market price of only about 2000 yuan. After investigation, the product is a health food, do not have therapeutic efficacy. Reporter survey found that health care products sales profit space. A search for "health care products sales in the 58 city recruitment website, only in Wuhan City, there are hundreds of recruitment information, including" thousand "and" housing allowances, annual leave and other preferential treatment. Through a new trend of WeChat circle of friends selling health care products and health care products chaos. More and more, and it is difficult to regulate, there is a flood trend." Heilongjiang province Consumers Association complaints department minister Wang Shenguo said, because of convenient and fast, more and more young people to buy slimming health products through the WeChat circle of friends, but because of the micro business founded in a relatively short time, and the lack of supervision, from the consumer complaints situation, management confusion, product quality can not be guaranteed and other problems. In addition, health care products market also appears to相关的主题文章: