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The inferior oil gas station event of second instance court — Law — people.com.cn original title: Hefei Hefei gas station oil inferior event of second instance court time: Wednesday August 24, 2016 Venue: Anhui Provincial Higher People’s court "before we tested, the oil is no problem, you are a mixture of several units of oil." The mixed oil does not cause the car lying nest, you are the problem of oil sales defects." Today, the Hefei Golden Triangle gas station in the oil and Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. and sales by product liability disputes the appellant Ji’nan the Great Wall refinery limited case in Anhui Province Higher People’s court held a public hearing. Who caused more than 5 thousand car collective oil gas station and Golden Triangle Hefei Pawo, chemical suppliers have said. 5076 cars with poor oil damage in April 2013, Hefei Golden Triangle city gas station exposed inferior oil incident, caused widespread concern. At that time, there are many owners to the city of Hefei, Industrial and Commercial Bureau complained that in the gas station with 93 gasoline, the car not only run up, the spark plug also appeared as white coke, gas station oil problems resulting in car fault. After testing, the presence of complaints of gasoline ethanol content is not up to standard, other organic oxygenated compounds and other issues. Hefei City Bureau of industry and Commerce confiscated 93 cases of substandard gasoline, and confiscate the illegal income of the operator of $67714.02, punishable by administrative penalty of $1124791.68. After the incident, thoroughly damaged vehicles of Golden Triangle gas station, according to the procedure of registration, audit and cash payment screening. At the end of November 2013, a total of 5076 vehicles damaged vehicles were paid. Golden Triangle company believes that the quality of oil is a source of suppliers, producers, so the chemical oil and Gas Sales Co., Ltd. and Ji’nan the Great Wall refinery Co., Ltd. to court. However, due to the objection to the jurisdiction of the case, until October 2014, there is a conclusion. The case after the Hefei intermediate people’s Court of first instance, found that the damage caused by the accident caused a large number of motor vehicle liability for infringement of a total of more than 3100 yuan. Court in accordance with the tort liability law, that is difficult to determine the size of the responsibility, the average liability borne by the Golden Triangle company and the chemical company. Because of the lack of evidence that Ji’nan Great Wall Co is involved in the production of gasoline, the court of first instance finds that it does not assume responsibility. Who has a problem with the quality of oil companies and chemical companies in Golden Triangle refused to appeal. Ji’nan Great Wall Co as a defendant in the original trial court. During the trial, on the issue of oil from whom, became the focus of debate in Golden Triangle and chemical companies. The Golden Triangle company said that after April 15th, the company used the station in unleaded petrol chemical company sales, focus on the outbreak of car break down phenomenon. After sampling, the results showed that the sulfur content of gasoline in exceed the standard chemical company sales, which belongs to the defect of oil, and the incident clearly defined national gasoline in accordance with the "three" standard, but in the chemical industry is still in the "country two" standard delivery, male)相关的主题文章: