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Henan Jie Cun village as the military deception fraud every thousand million deposit – Sohu Military Channel in September 20th, the sun is very good. Sun Lianhe (a pseudonym) put down the work in hand, clapped her hands on the earth. He is busy with the harvest, the door covered with golden corn, while the noon sun fanshai. Half a month ago, he also believed in a shack on the outskirts of Zhengzhou, lived a life of "escape". Even the sun and Shangcai Chongli County Xiang sun village. Suspicion of posing as military police fraud wanted by the police. This year the Mid Autumn Festival to surrender now, was released on bail. September 9th, Henan City, Shangcai Province Public Security Bureau issued a warrant, including 113 people, including Sun Lianhe, Shangcai posing as military telecommunications fraud suspects involved in the arrest of people wanted to do so. The 113 most wanted persons, Chongli Township personnel accounted for 98 people, even the sun and the Sun Village accounted for 25 people. A million people in the county, at the same time, there are hundreds of people wanted a public outcry. Statistics show that Shangcai is posing as the origin of military telecommunications fraud and the hardest hit. In recent years, posing as soldiers dressed in military uniforms from fraud to now posing as military telecommunications fraud, crooks fraud has also been refurbished. Under the background of the Ministry of public security listed remediation, Shangcai county government departments have been under great pressure. While the fugitives have brought to justice, while the addition of fugitives. How to repair the crime soil, become a problem in front of the local government. Sun Zhuang history from Chongli Township, along the cement road northeast, walk 2 kilometers to the sun village. Along the way, in addition to the village road next to the sun full of corn, the most eye-catching is the variety of banners and warrant. Sun village has been "anti fraud soldiers" signs posted airtight. The first one is the village wall posters to surrender the only way". On the wire boards 100 meters a slogan, "a harmonious society to benefit everyone, everyone involved in the prevention of fraud, fraud, posing as soldiers against the party to mobilize public participation"…… Distance from the sun and home less than one hundred meters, with a Sun Lian and portrait of the wanted order. Provide valuable clues to show "wanted, to assist the public security authorities arrested more than a fugitive, a cash reward 3000 yuan to 5000 yuan a" Chongli Township Party committee leaders said, Chongli Xiang brush anti fraud slogans more than 5000. Under the banner of the crowd, people look calm. The old men sat under the walls of peel corn, children playing catch-up in the alley. The neighboring village villagers said Sun Zhuang was "emotionally complex", Chongli village, a villager in the face of reporters laughed strange, you guess, in this poor place, why they are so rich?" Statistics show that Shangcai County for many years on the list of state-level poverty-stricken counties, Shangcai County, Chongli township is located in Shangcai, Xiangcheng, Shangshui junction of three, the population of sixty thousand people. Sun Village 4000 people. Chongli District Office Director Yue Qiang told the Beijing News reporter, "here nearly 40 kilometers from the county, not what the industrial and mining enterprises, basically rely on agriculture." He believes that poverty, coupled with the junction of the three places, the rule of law before the ring.相关的主题文章: