Herborist Shanghai Meiluocheng flagship store grand opening xhero

Herborist Shanghai Meiluocheng flagship store grand opening in September 20, 2016, the largest brand flagship store carrying Herborist "ancient heritage, activate the core concept of science and technology", in the Shanghai Metro City store grand opening. Invite Meiluocheng general manager Mr. Xu Chunhua, general manager, deputy general manager Ms. Yan Ling, deputy general manager of Shanghai Jahwa Limited by Share Ltd and Herborist division Mr. Huang Zhen and Herborist department store channel sales director Mr. Shi Wei attended and witnessed the strategic significance of the opening event and on-site guests, and feel from the ancient beauty of strength. Herborist Meiluocheng Meiluocheng flagship store opening ceremony has a name — "independent met Herborist", she is currently the largest and most high-end space brand flagship store, modern design, as well as the store of herbs together "decoration, full of" Oriental international brand tonality fan ". This is the first time the brand retail stores and Herborist SPA fit, in addition to shopping, but also in the store to experience a complete professional SPA care. The store also provides more upgraded shopping service experience, for each consumer to bring the ultimate care and distinguished experience, but also reflects the brand layout of high-end shopping center, an important strategy to upgrade the service experience. Study on the convergence of space to create a modern front Baicao grass pharmacist room Meiluocheng flagship store at the beginning of design, the "room" front end of Herborist grass pharmacists as a concept, the Herborist brand not only to convey the core idea of "ancient heritage, and activate", to create a modern fashion and classic aesthetic combination environment for consumers, comfort, distinguished service experience. Therefore, the use of color in the overall space to white, with a sense of hierarchy of green decoration, with the use of glass to form a sense of space design, style simple, modern, creating a modern room space. Each functional area store layout and details are very brand characteristics and human ingenuity, the central region of the counter is made of Taiji and totem deformation, echoes with the pattern of Tai Chi on behalf of Herborist carpet, rooted in Chinese culture. Table with green plants to create a relaxed and natural landscape, when customers with soft carpet into this area, as in the "herbal research room" leisure garden, green landscape Pumianerlai, looked up and can see the huge dome light warm, like the sun bathed in the courtyard to rest. The entrance on the left side of the boardwalk will lead consumers to "Chinese herbal medicine research room", "cultivation area" in the whole row has a green gradient glass column shape in the sense of science and technology display recommended products, consumers can understand 360 product information, humanized design and back cabinet on display everywhere Lin Lang products more intimate that may be easier for consumers to take, feel free to try. Walk to the shops at the center, using the stack depth texture visible mosaic block irregular and brand wall, like the birth of culture of the great trees in this area, consumers can fully understand the brand culture and brand story. Along the wall culture can come to a more intimate quiet consulting area, there is a waterfall pan gloss vertical mantle as partition, can enjoy the beauty of tea side edge depth.相关的主题文章: