High speed companies have to play the transition into a new sample of franchise 660003

High speed road companies play cross-border restructuring franchise into a new sample of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan trainee reporter Liu Fan over the years, the highway industry is regarded by many as guarding the "money machine" of the industry, toll roads, once completed, will bring stability continuous cash flow. At the same time, high-speed road companies must use the money to produce new money, because there is a time limit for charges. Therefore, the transformation, play cross-border become a common phenomenon in the highway industry, and there is a growing trend. The day before, Shenzhen (600548) and Guangdong high-speed A (000429) has held the interim results conference. Shenzhen Expressway, said that because of the environmental protection industry franchising characteristics, decided to environmental protection as the company’s second main business. Some analysts believe that the choice of the franchise business, is a typical case in recent years, the exploration of the transformation of the highway company. Cross border transformation favorite financial and real estate is reported, the average annual premium of listed companies on the highway for 10-15 years, some of the company’s remaining period of nearly 10 years. The continued maturity of the stock road production, as well as the yield of the new road to reduce, will continue to put pressure on tolls as the core source of revenue for high-speed road business. Securities Times reporter combing found that in recent years, the high-speed road companies have to transition, play cross-border phenomenon has been common, the most common is involved in finance, real estate. For example, Jiangxi and Guangdong high-speed (600269) involved in the hotel and travel agency business, oil sales, and financial equity investment; Shandong high-speed (600350) real estate projects accounted for 3.48% of the company’s revenue, and said in the 2015 annual report, 2020 will become the highway investment industry chain, set information of mechanical new materials, as one of the national financial industry with the largest assets, income and benefits in the forefront of the first major business of the listed company guarantee. Fujian Expressway (600033) has invested in a strait insurance, shares of Xiamen international bank; Shenzhen in 2016 interim report also mentioned that in order to lower the price of access to Shenzhen, Guizhou and other places of the land and real estate development, but also for the Bank of Guizhou shares, involved in the financial sector. In addition, North China high speed (000916) of photovoltaic power plant business in the first half of to achieve electricity revenue of 160 million yuan. Wuzhou communications (600368) in the logistics sector business. Chutian speed (600035) disclosed in July cross-border acquisition plan sparked widespread concern, it plans to price $1 billion 260 million acquisition of smart Miki 100% stake, which is the main design and production of mobile phone and tablet computer, tablet accounted for nearly 70% of Sanmu business intelligence. An anonymous analyst believes that real estate companies choose the high-speed road, the financial industry is a combination of several features of its own: this kind of enterprise mostly have the government relatively abundant resources, can get relatively cheap land, in addition to cash flow is sufficient. Partial analysis相关的主题文章: