House what do you expect from the sequel zhongguorentiyishu

House: what do you have on the sequel to the works it secretly looking forward to every quarter will have a new animation debut, but the vast majority of which were broadcast on the end of a quarter. If it is the original animation upside down, but some adapted from the original works, it is natural to look forward to the arrival of the sequel. So is there anything that most people forget, but are they still looking forward to the sequel? Recently, Japan has launched a discussion. 1, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu said, we have that although other people had forgotten, but because of his appetite, so quietly looking forward to the arrival of the animated sequel? Personally, many years ago that "Taisho baseball Niang" is very good, so I said to have been waiting for a miracle. But it’s not possible to think about it…… 2, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu if it is in 1 months ago, I would say "Avanti family". The specific launch date but now only need to wait for the second quarter is good ha ha. And other works, like "the three sisters in the south," I also hope that the sequel to the animation bar. After all, compared to the pure waste of this day’s daily work, or "south home" to give people the feeling of more natural and warm. 9, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu from my point of view, in fact, there are many such works. Because I see the love, is your dark routine light change ah. You look like "in the underground city for the wrong" "what encounter whether I was kidnapped to aristocratic girls when the" common people "sample" even "brother, love is no problem, right? And so on. In fact, although there is no bright spot in the plot, but every week after reading, will feel a kind of joy can not say. Therefore, I also bought a CD. But there’s a sequel to these works?…… A lot of works are seemingly not more than one thousand volumes. 14, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this. "Oda Nobuna ~ masu -"! It is impossible to understand, so interesting, set such a novel works, why not out of the second quarter? Although the original heard that there has been a lot of passing things, but as long as the original is not the end, it should be worthy of the fans to continue to chase down? And Itou Kana has not played the heroine for a long time, really want to hear her voice…… 19, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu too much. The "devil" brave "work! The demon lord "" OVERLORD. "…… The devil has not work in the second quarter, this is I don’t understand things, after all, the original is awesome, animation sales are good ah, really strange. In addition to "OVERLORD" a few days before the death of me, thought to determine the second season, the result is actually what collection of articles…… 27, the following: (^o^) / de VIP, and send this woman ~ masu "accelerated the world". Although there are some new, but after all, with the TV version of the difference is still great. I want to see the product.相关的主题文章: