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Hardware Postage rates are higher today bringing more companies to think of investing frank mail system. If you want to enjoy lower operational costs on your postages, franking could be the smartest way to deal with the postage increase. Savings are significant especially when you need to send mails on a regular basis. What are franking devices? They are preprogrammed electro mechanical equipments that can process mails with the proper postal mark based on each envelope or package weight and destination. Automation gets rid of human error or the under or over stamping issues in post offices. Moreover, they are designed to provide companies with around 30% on postal charges. Postage Rate Increase Starting 30th April 2012, Royal Mail increase rates on sending mails. There is an increase of 46p to 60p on first class stamp mail, which is more than 30%. Second class mails are now 50p from its original price of 36p, which is around 40% increase. If you want to experience significant savings you can take advantage of the low cost of franking. With a franking device, you can save as much as 23 % to 38 % on first and second class correspondences. Frank Mail System Cost Small or huge companies can gain significant saving on money and time by franking. Now you need to purchase stamps and you dont have to send somebody to mail them. The high cost of traditional way of sending mails are then replaced with a better and advanced solution that can help your business gain additional savings yearly. In UK, franking devices can be bought or rented. There are simple to the most modern equipment that has the capacity to frank numbers of mails per hour. Entry level machines are available at price of approximately 995 for a new Neopost Autostamp2 machine that can stamp up to 50 letters daily. There are also med-volume equipments that process of up to 40 business letters per minute. Their price can run more or less 3,000 as they offer more functions such as automatic rate updates, weighing platform, accounting for 100 departments, and up to 10 programmable logos that can be chosen to print with postage stamps. On the contrary, if you are requiring high volume franking machine, you need to invest on about 13,000. The high capacity device can stamp your 300 mails per minute. Is renting a good option? If your business is just starting or youre not yet decided on the number of mails that you need to send on an average, then renting will be a good choice. Many of the companies in UK are also opting for this alternative to take advantage of the convenience of payment. Rental fee starts at 14 a month. Today, there are also many suppliers that are providing a free 30-day trial period for you to experience using the equipment before starting on renting. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: