How Much Should I Charge For Web

Web-Development Hourly Rate Charging for your time is one way you can approach your clients for the work you do, but as you become more and more experienced, youll learn that there is much more to it. Most front-end web developers Ive spoken with about this subject all say calculating experience and talent is a complex formula, with many contributing factors and variables. To figure out just what your hourly rate should be will take some consideration. The monthly expenses and cost of doing business are two factors that should not be overlooked. Office rent, Software, Computer Hardware, Internet Access, Transportation and any other business expenses each month should be totaled and then added to your formula. What is the formula? For me, the formula is calculated by taking the the cost of doing business each month. Lets say that number is $2500 / the number of possible hours 160 an you get 9.375. This is the minimum hourly rate you would charge to simply pay the bills. Typically as any small business owner or entrepreneur knows is that you must make a profit in order to grow your business or for this example, even eat. So lets take the monthly cost and add 200% to that number and you get $4,500.00 of total monthly income. Now we c+an figure what your hourly rate should be. Lets take $4500 and divide it by the number hours you can work in a month which we figured is 160 hours approximately. Now divide 4500 / 160 and you get $28.25 . Flat Rate Projects Another way to charge for your work is called Flat Rate. I myself try to balance my projects using both of the these methods. In fact I would say its a good practice to approach each client and determine which method suits both you and your client best. Start by determining the scope of the project and the timeline for which it can and should be completed. Many projects you can look at and know specifically that it will take you exactly X amount of hours to complete. But maybe your going to be dividing your time between several jobs and this project will take the least amount of creative input and overall hourly work. This is a good time to start tracking what the cost of projects like these are so, you can calculate a reasonable flat fee for your client. Monthly clients are also good for flat fee projects of which the bulk of the work is done during the first month and then the remaining work is maintenance and updates. For these types of projects I calculate the total number of hours I think I can get the job done in as well as any additional costs involved such as hosting, or perhaps the purchase of a WordPress theme your client really likes. Take your typical hourly rate and calculate time the number of hours and then add 20% 30% to that number, and there is your flat rate. Keep in mind this is merely a suggestion based on sample numbers. Some developers may have spent thousands on education and degrees that should also be accounted for when figuring hourly or flat fees. If you have any questions about how you can figure these things out, please feel free to contact me at .pdx-design.. You may also contact me via email at [email protected] Disclaimer: this is only meant as a sample and the numbers above should not be specifically used to calculate your particular fees. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: