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UnCategorized Happiness is a choice one makes for herself or himself. Confused? Well most people think that they will become happy if they get a list of desires. But what happens is, when we get some of our desires, we become temporarily happy and then we add more desires to the list. So now we have some of the things we wanted, that makes us happier, but then there are more desires on the list so does that make us unhappy? It depends on how you view your life, if one is content with what they have done and achieved in their life, then they feel happy and if one is not content about what they have done in their life then they are feel unhappy. So the answer to being happy is quite simple, Isnt it? One just has to be content with oneself to be happy thats all, which is why they say happiness is a state of mind; its a choice one makes for herself or himself. Isnt it you who choose to be content with what you have or to worry about what you dont have. For everybody its always going to be the same, we have some of the things we want and we do not have some of the things we want, then where are you going to focus, on what you have or what you dont have? Happier people simply focus on what they have rather than on what they dont have. So does this mean that we give up on our desires? NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, you never give up on your desires. Work for them and get them all, only that focusing on what you have keeps you happy, when you are happy you function better and when you function better then you act better and the outcomes of your actions are better. So wont you be able to achieve more in life? Some call this being positive. This is a very simple trick to life, one just has to shift their mental focus to what they have in life and it makes a world of a difference to one. Ask the greatest gurus in the world from the east or from the west, they will all tell you this one thing "Contentment is the key to Happiness, and Happiness is the key to everything, love, health, wealth, fame, fortune or power whatever you desire" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: