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Software Start up programs are the list of programs that are kept safe in the hard disk and is accessed when the system boots. It contains the most frequently accessed programs and offers consumers the liberty to choose on programs without following on a prolonged channel. The best part of changing the start up and lowering down on the count of programs is the performance of the system increases significantly. In the below set of instructions, we will check on how to change start up programs in windows 7. Modify the current start up programs To start off with modification of startup programs, click on start, all programs, select the program you wish to add in start up. Right click on the program and click on create desktop here. The shortcut will appear on the desktop. To add it on directly on to the start up menu, click on start, right click on the startup option and select open all users. The windows will open up; eventually drag down all the programs that you wish to reflect in the start up. If you do not wish other user accounts to access the program in the startup menu then right click on start up and select open. The programs you would drag on to the window now will only have access to sole user. Thus other users will not have any access to the changes made to the start up. Modifying programs that automatically add up Modifying the startup programs that automatically add up, will be achieved by clicking on start, control panel. Afterwards click on system and securities. Select the administrative tools and click on system configuration. Following which click on the startup option and you would find all the start up programs. If you do not wish any program to be loaded with startup then you could make the changes from the window. The window consists of startup programs and checkbox. You would only need to uncheck the checkboxes and that will ensure that programs do not get loaded in the startup menu. If you find the whole process tedious, you can get in touch with a .puter Repairs and Maintenance service provider. Points to Remember In order to follow a safekeeping of the system, it is a need to check the start up of the system after every interval. There are instances when malicious programs add on to the start up causing threat to the system. Moreover the more will be the start up programs, the less will be the speed of booting the system and thus the performance of the system sees a deficit. Moreover when you look forward to make changes to the automatically adding startup menu, you must have administrative rights. The administrator password is a must to make changes in the startup programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: