How To Do Surrogacy For Free And Find An Altruistic Surrogate Mother

UnCategorized Altruistic surrogacy is defined as a surrogate motherhood journey in which the surrogate mother does not receive compensation in any way. This is, essentially, surrogacy for free. Many people, especially those not familiar with the process of surrogacy, believe that all surrogacy is, or should be, altruistic surrogacy. They cannot understand why a woman would take surrogacy compensation, usually upwards of $18,000, for being pregnant, something she has experienced before. But surrogate motherhood is more than just being pregnant. The entire process is quite invasive, from the daily self-administered injections required by gestational surrogacy to the fact that another couple is intimately involved with every portion of a process usually only shared between husband and wife. Then there is the physical discomforts, the increased chance of multiples and bedrest, the limitations and conditions placed on the surrogate mother’s normal life, and the fact that someone else is making decisions regarding her body, and you can see that surrogacy is nothing like a typical pregnancy. Surrogate mothers have a right to as for a surrogate fee, and many would be unable or unwilling to consider such a journey without one.But where does that leave couples who cannot afford to pay a surrogate mother $18,000+? The nice part about surrogacy is that there are women out there who are willing to do an altruistic surrogacy. These women are most likely found among the close friends and family members of the intended parents (the couple looking to have a surrogate mother carry her child). Sisters helping sisters, mothers helping sons, coworkers helping coworkers, and neighbors helping nieghbors. Although there are a few women out there willing to do surrogacy for free for total strangers, these women are more difficult to find. Think about someone who needs a bone marrow transfer. First, doctors look within the family of the patient, and then, if no matches are found, they look to close friends, and then the bone marrow registry, where it is more unlikely that they will find someone. Altruistic surrogacy is the same. But keep in mind that the term "surrogacy for free" is a misnomer. Just because a surrogate mother does not take a compensation fee, that does not make the surrogacy itself, free. The truth is, a surrogate mother’s compensation is just a small part of a larger, very expensive process. Lawyer fees, court costs, clinic fees, pricy medications, medical costs of the surrogate pregnancy, maternity clothes, lost wages and travel expenses are just a few of the other fees that are necessary in order to go through a surrogate journey. It is important to understand that even though a surrogate mother may not receive compensation, she should also never be expected to pay her own money on any pregnancy related expense to help the intended parents have a baby; that is solely their responsibility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: