How To Get Women To Talk To You – 3 Tips To Get Her Talking-3edyy

Dating One of the worst experiences any guy can have is to approach a woman and try to get her talking and get absolutely nothing at all. Can you hear the crickets chirping? Anytime that you approach a woman, it’s kind of on you to get the conversation started and if you don’t do your job, lots of times you will end up being met with virtual silence. This is one of the reasons why some guys will shy away from the thought of even approaching a woman, because they experience trying to start a conversation with a woman and getting nothing at all and that is something that they do not want to experience ever again. That does not have to happen to you. You can learn how to get women to talk to you. Here are 3 tips to get her talking: 1. Your opener can make you or break you in this situation. A woman that you have just approached does not have much to go on when you first walk up to her. So, that opener that you use to start a conversation, that is going to play a big role in whether or not she starts talking to you. Most of the time, if it seems like you are strolling over to her just for a pick up and that is exactly the kind of line that you drop on her… expect to hear those crickets chirping. Instead, use something relative to the situation. Not only does that "smell" less like a classic pick up move, but she would have to be rude not to talk back to you in some way. 2. Your appearance is going to play a big role in whether or not she feels .fortable talking to you. Like it or not, people DO judge a book by its cover, especially when they don’t have much else to go on. Who cares if it is politically correct, it’s just the way that it is. If you approach a woman with a hard look on your face, kind of trying to pull off the tough guy look, and that kind of a guy "scares" her, do you really think that she is going to talk to you? Probably not and even if she does, it’s just going to be enough for her to think of an excuse to get away from you. Soften up your appearance a little, look like a guy who is approachable and friendly, and you will have a much easier time getting women to talk to you. 3. Stay away from controversial subjects and don’t get drawn into a debate. This is not a good approach, especially if you really don’t know her at all and you are just walking up to her in a bar or a club or any other public place. Controversy and debates can stimulate sexual tension in the right context, but the first time that you meet a woman, or in the wrong venue and it will have a bad effect on what you are trying to ac.plish. You need to keep the conversation light and fun, hey, even humorous more than anything else. This is especially true when you have just made a cold approach on a woman. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: