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How to listen to the most effective class? Learn the 9 best way to learn quickly! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual the same class, the same teacher, the same 40 minutes, some students in a class down completely understand, some still puzzled, why is there such a big difference? To a large extent, the reasons for the lecture method. So, how to listen to the most effective? The following are the 10 outstanding teachers listening method summary, you quickly learn it with control! Listen and use most of the students listen to the lecture while watching. Auditory and visual and use, not only do not listen to look up to see better results. Listening is to accept the sound information, to see is to accept the image information. While listening and watching, in the transmission of sound through the memory of the abstract concept, but also with visual images, to strengthen the specific knowledge of the impression. Listen and watch the content should keep the same, can not listen to this view, distract the attention of the lecture. Listen, listen, listen to the fan generally refers to reading and listening questions, listen; see, mainly refers to see the writing on the blackboard, see chart, see the picture on the screen or the screen multimedia, teaching state of teachers, such as teachers’ behavior, gesture. Because the teacher had to use these pictures, writing on the blackboard, gestures, the abstract concrete, complicated concise, become strange familiar. This method, in order to listen to the main, in order to see the promotion, the effect is very good. Listen to the thinking and usage of Confucius said: "learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous." Listening and thinking is also an effective method of listening. Listening is generally passive absorption, thinking is active thinking. While listening and thinking, can be in the process of transformation from passive to active, and gradually deepen the understanding of knowledge and understanding. Just listen to the tape recorder type thinking, listening, not really read hastily and without thinking, to grasp the knowledge, not to mention the ability of creative thinking. The general thinking from these aspects: teaching emphasis and difficulties in what place, teacher why processing materials, the teacher really understand, the teacher himself what is different, this text and other texts of He Yitong…… In order to promote the idea of listening to, but also know that it can know why. Five to listen to the law "to" refers to the ear, eyes, mouth, hands, brain to move up, a variety of sensory organs and use, a variety of body parts are all involved in the activities of the class five. At the same time, it is a kind of comprehensive, three-dimensional feeling to transfer the sensation of the senses. Ears: listen to the teacher, listen to the students to speak, ask questions, do not listen, listen. Eyes: see text, see the teacher’s facial expression, see the writing on the blackboard, see the reaction of excellent students. Mouth to mouth: speak, repeat, read and answer questions. Hand to: notes, circle focus, feelings, do exercises. Brain: mind, heart concentration, positive thinking. "Five to lecture method" requires the participants to concentrate on the flexibility, according to the classroom situation and teacher requirements, timely adjustment of lecture methods. This kind of lecture method is one of the most efficient methods. Mnemonic notation相关的主题文章: