Hui Cheng milestone Volkswagen 1500th cars off the assembly line

Hui ang a milepost Volkswagen 1500th million vehicles off the assembly line in August 31st, with a brown velvet PHIDEON Hui ang rolled off the production line, Volkswagen in 1500th million vehicles off the assembly line, became the first domestic production exceeded 15 million passenger car production enterprises. 1500th million vehicles off the assembly line looking behind the 15 million cars, highlighting the Volkswagen automobile market in thirty years, deep China surpass enterprising. The first 5 million cars lasted for 26 years, witnessed the Chinese automobile industry use of foreign investment, the introduction of technology, self absorption, rolling development; second 5 million cars lasted for 4 years, witnessed the golden age of the domestic automobile market to accelerate the development of the system with strong competitiveness; now, Volkswagen in less than 3 years to achieve the third 5 million vehicles in the maturity of the domestic automobile industry to create a new milepost. Deepen the strategic layout, promote the production capacity in recent years, Volkswagen actively promote productivity layout, has Shanghai Anting, Nanjing, Yizheng, Urumqi, Ningbo, Changsha six production base, annual production capacity of nearly 2 million vehicles, lay a solid foundation for the enterprise after the high-speed development. In promoting inter regional linkage development capacity at the same time, Volkswagen also actively promote the plant production level, to proceed with the upgrade of the production base in Anting, not only to build the advanced manufacturing system to meet the latest environmental standards, but also for the subsequent model launch provided strong support. User oriented, rich product sequence in the production capacity of the protection and support, SAIC Volkswagen adhere to the user oriented, and constantly enrich the product sequence. As the 1500th million vehicles off the assembly line of the vehicle, the Volkswagen brand’s first C luxury car PHIDEON Hui ang production not only shows the Volkswagen advanced R & D and manufacturing level, is the enterprise thirty years accumulation on the domestic market, insight into the results. PHIDEON Hui ang joined SAIC Volkswagen’s product line to expand to the C luxury car market to meet the needs of consumers escalating. In expanding the product line at the same time, Volkswagen will always adhere to the market to do fine, Lavida family and Rapid family of products has been fully affirmed by the market, the high value of the performance of the car just listed Yan Ling Du GTS, the upcoming Cross Santana models, will be more personalized experience for car consumers. Innovation driven, innovation and strict quality preservation process is the vitality of enterprise development, from independent development to the high value of Lavida, Yan Ling crossing to the performance of the car, C luxury car PHIDEON Hui ang, SAIC Volkswagen through the successful practice of a variety of products, research and development ability has been recognized by the Volkswagen group. In addition to the tireless efforts of innovative research and development, the quality of the unremitting insistence is also the key to win the long-term consumer confidence in SAIC volkswagen. Adhering to the "quality is the life of SAIC Volkswagen" concept cars, Volkswagen established a quality management system for the whole process, each stage covers product development, production and sales and customer service service, as in.相关的主题文章: