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"Human to taste" goings Tong Dawei sister Joe Chen love is warm wall Dong – Sohu Tong Dawei and Joe Chen entertainment [Photos] Sohu entertainment news by Yuan media, half sugar film, Jin Yi Festival, new Yue Tong Taiwan gold CO produced, directed by Chen Mingzhang, "father" writers Guo Shuang, Feng Yuan together to create. Tong Dawei, starring Joe Chen, Wang Yibo, Yao, Lin Peng, Zhu Gang day Xie Shuai, Lai Jing, Zhu Xin rain common starred in the TV series "the world to taste is" Qing Huan shots are entered the final stage. In November 14th, a joy of media fans on meeting held in Beijing, the drama director Chen Mingzhang and starring Tong Dawei, Joe Chen, Wang Yibo funny appearance, super high color value makes the cast lineup on meeting highlights. The same day, Tong Dawei frequently won praise, not negative "chief" in the name of "catch the heart" and "hot" catch the stomach, Joe Chen is crazy hair welfare, not only to share their understanding of the role, also comes with their love, very suction eye. Tong Dawei Joe Chen "chowhound partner Joe Chen" love "thing make people anxious earlier, the drama has exposed a group of" love "CP sweet stills, old romantic European countries on super high value color collocation cast lineup, warm heart and let people feast for the eyes, Tong Dawei and Joe Chen super dog abuse CP attracted friends shouted:" single dog group seeking to meet love." While after witnessing the scene, Tong Dawei and Joe Chen are the sparks of the evaluation for each other very similar". Tong Dawei as the "Tong large canteen" hall, Joe Chen called for "Beijing Raiders", is praised for "the crew take care of very well," Tong Dawei said two people "in the film and television business less attention to diet of male and female", two people eat together, "love" CP "chowhound" partner, similar hobbies accelerated the familiarity of two people, making up for cooperation and full understanding of Jon. In the scene, an Ding Qing Huan not only harvest the world and Zhai to taste of the heart, in the twists and turns in the harvest of happy love; the movie, "single" Queen Joe Chen’s marriage made in the play "the pursuit of" Tong Dawei’s broken heart, earlier in the conference, Tong Dawei mentioned in the help Jon "find" boyfriend, and Tong Dawei said he was "confident" "Wang woman": "with me has made a movie actress most or get married, or have children, believe that Jon will find their own love." In the exploration of class, Joe Chen is generous to share the love spree in the Jon test, she said "love domineering style confession" wall ", and" love to eat more to attract their boys". "Human to taste is" the name of the Qing Huan Chen Mingzhang cast hi earthshaking the success or failure of a drama, in addition to the ultra cast actor configuration, the quality of the TV itself is the foundation of "drama". "Human to taste" is Qinghuan in industry production of conscience detailed, polished in various clothing, makeup, art and other aspects, the team is also very good, also invited to create too many of the annual ratings winner Mingzhang gold medal director Chen for the escort, to create a customized model:.相关的主题文章: