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The 100 line Baidu into the content of ecological   build content consumption loop – media – original title: 100, officially launched Baidu vice president Lu Fubin: to build the strongest ecological content business outlet once again attracted the Internet giant’s eyes using artificial intelligence. In the Baidu world forum yesterday on the content of ecology, Baidu vice president Lu Fubin announced that hundreds of Baidu, officially launched, Baidu officially joined the content of ecological situation. In addition to the massive high quality content, Baidu also implemented the content of ecological content production, content distribution, content realized closed loop layout, artificial intelligence technology Baidu survival will become Baidu’s foray into the content of ecological secret weapon. Baidu incoming content ecology this year, the content began to become a hot topic of entrepreneurship. Public information display, in the past year, there are nearly a hundred from the media team to obtain financing, BAT also in the same year as the content of the ecological strategy as the focus of force. Talk about the reasons for the force of the ecological content, Lu Fubin said that the reason why the content is becoming more popular, there are deep-seated reasons behind its industry. On the one hand, the artificial intelligence and the development of the Internet makes more and more human being liberated, we began to engage in more creative and related work, such as writing, entertainment industry and so on; on the other hand, the rise of the middle class China also brought strong content consumption capacity. Lu Fubin stressed that the search to Wikipedia, paste it, I know, in strict sense, Baidu is not really started this year, the layout of the content ecology. Artificial intelligence is the invisible hand at present, the market is engaged in the content of the start-up business is very much, but the prevalence of homogenization and even vulgar content, the realization of a single way to solve the problem. Lu Fubin said that in the era of fragmentation of information, in fact, is not a lack of high quality content, but unfortunately, the quality of content did not reach the most suitable for the user, and this is precisely the advantage of Baidu. "Artificial intelligence technology is the invisible hand that helps authors produce better content." Lu Fubin told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, through Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology as well as the advantages of Baidu products, resources and technology, Baidu hopes to high-quality content and consumers to accurately match. For the content creators, in addition to the amount of reading, the author can also know the fans concerned about the portrait of the article, which plays a crucial role in the subsequent content creation and commercial realization. Baidu to create content consumption closed loop ecology of the content is a combination of boxing. In the content production, with the original product matrix content accumulation, Baidu will integrate Post Bar, know, Wikipedia, Iqiyi and other Baidu products, with hundreds of number of content production drive, construction of the content of the whole network the largest production base of high-quality content aggregation; content distribution, Baidu will through the Baidu brain, to achieve mass users precise push the use of big data and artificial intelligence technology, the quality of content effectively reach 600 million Baidu users, do accurate to personalized recommendation; realization module in content, Baidu will advertisers resources open to all content producers, sharing benefits, promoting the prosperity of symbiotic content. According to Baidu’s two quarter earnings report相关的主题文章: