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Computers-and-Technology In this digital era, businesses are involved in collecting, storing, processing, and transmitting huge volumes of electronic data. Since electronically stored data can be highly vulnerable to security attacks, regulatory bodies have been formulating and enforcing rules that are intended to protect the privacy of information. While all companies like to believe that their databases are completely secure, the truth is that most of them are either unaware of, or often negligent in matters concerning data privacy. This is because protecting data and complying with multiple data privacy requirements is not an easy task. It requires dedicated attention and continuous monitoring abilities. Moreover, organizations that aim to build a compliant and effective data privacy and protection program should be able to: Formulate efficient policies and procedures that are implemented, enforced, and continuously monitored Conduct risk assessments at regular intervals to understand the nature of information collected by the organization and modify or update privacy policies accordingly Create employee awareness about risks and expected privacy standards and implement comprehensive training Design and implement robust data monitoring and privacy testing procedures and put appropriate controls in place Integrated data management solution that can not only manage data but also protect data from a growing number of threats. While it can be extremely difficult to achieve these, industry experts have come up with data privacy solutions that address the data privacy goals of businesses. These solutions can facilitate better data privacy and make data protection and compliance a much simpler process. One such is the IBM Optim data privacy solution. IBM Optim Data Privacy Solution unlike most other data privacy solutions comes with the capability to provide comprehensive support which enables businesses to ensure complete data privacy and security with its unique abilities to: Protect personally-identifiable information and other sensitive data Mask confidential data with the help of site-specific routines and predefined transformations Identify hidden instances of sensitive data in order to provide complete data security Ensure full-fledged compliance with all privacy regulations With its highly scalable and flexible test data management capabilities and proven data privacy protection techniques, IBM Optim data privacy solution provides all that an enterprise requires to ensure that its databases are kept secure, to streamline database administration, to eliminate data security risks, and to effectively govern the management of sensitive data in the long run. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: