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If parents do, children will become stupid! Sohu 1, mother will never win the game if we let the children play a game, the difficulty of the game beyond his comprehension of existing, but we do not do anything to explain to him, the children always do not know how to play, every attempt fails, then the child will feel worse. Without others, he will feel stupid. If the child’s life, he rarely gets "win" feeling, finally, he may be a look stupid and timid child. 2, early knowledge to impart some keen on the so-called "intellectual development" of the parents, active reading and writing training for young children. Those who do not meet the academic knowledge of children’s cognitive characteristics, although the child can also rely on the way down by rote but parrot, do not understand, so often failed to promote their intellectual development, but the children brought a lot of pressure, reduce the interest in learning, dampened the confidence. 3, a large number of negative implications of a fairy tale full of meaning: there is a beautiful princess, was a witch was shut up in a tall tower, only to see the witch every day. Every day, the witch said to her, "you look so ugly." The princess believed the witch’s words and was afraid of being laughed at. Until one day, after a tower prince, saw the princess that like the immortal beauty, her rescued her. The princess is only aware of their own mirror So that is what it is. beauty. In fact, many parents may inadvertently act as a "witch" role. Said the child is "dumb" some parents even when speaking of pet phrase with love. However, is "stupid" children to receive information; sometimes, parents with children naturally or half unconsciously compared with others, "you see how clever they Tintin!" "aunt Lee’s daughter could use English dialogue with foreigners, she is smaller than you."…… Sometimes, parents in front of friends, outsiders show modesty, my son can not, very stupid." "The kid’s got no brains." All were drowned in such a large number of negative implications, how can the children do not really believe that you are really stupid? As a child because of the above reasons, I believe your brain is stupid, learning ability is very poor, he will have a serious sense of inferiority and self doubt, his subconscious will have a "protective effect" the new information, refused to enter the memory, to protect the owner’s faith is right. As a result, it’s really a stupid kid who can’t learn anything. Most of the parenting, parenting, education, knowledge of pregnancy and other information, with the baby grow up happy! Pay attention to "hot mama talk about parenting", search for micro signal: lamayuer520 (long press copy)相关的主题文章: