Individual Health Insurance – 3 Ways That You Can Make Health Insurance More

Health Individual health insurance is only designed to provide medical insurance coverage to one person, usually the policy owner. This type of insurance policy can provide protection against unforeseen injury or illness, but will be limited in how much it will cover for conditions that are pre-existing. This means that if you already have cancer (example) that the insurance .pany won’t pay for all of your medical expenses because you already had that condition at the time you bought the policy. Individual health insurance is expensive and many people can’t afford it. The rising costs have forced many individuals and families to go without health insurance in recent years because they simply can’t afford to pay for it. Here are a few ideas for making individual health insurance more affordable. #1. Raise the amount of your annual deductible. The annual deductible is the amount of money that you are required to pay before your insurance kicks in and provides coverage. This deductible is usually in the range of $250-$5,000 per year. I realize that it hurts to do this and I also realize that you’ll be paying more out of your own pocket to see a doctor. However, the idea behind doing this is to provide protection in the event of long term hospitalization, which can easily put you into bankruptcy with one unexpected long term stay. You’ll need to budget a certain amount of money per month and put it aside so you can see a doctor at least twice per year, once for illness or injury and once for an annual check-up. #2. Cut corners on your coverage or lower the amount of coverage to the minimum allowed. By doing this you would be essentially "slicing and dicing" your individual health insurance policy, however it’s better to have some coverage than none at all. Focus on keeping as much protection as possible for more .mon occurring things. Ask your insurance agent after you’ve gotten your health insurance quote how you can reduce the costs. #3. Always take advantage of individual health insurance through your employer if it’s offered to you. Buying health insurance through your employer allows you to get a discounted group rate that you won’t otherwise get. It’s much less expensive than buying health insurance on the open market and you can normally continue to use a policy (as long as you continue to pay for it) for as much as 18 months after you leave your place of employment (at the time of this writing). In summary, individual health insurance isn’t cheap, but it’s a necessary expense. After all, we get a tune-up for our vehicle regularly and get an oil change every 3000 miles. Our bodies must be maintained regularly too in order to keep us alive and well. Cut back if you must, but do what you have to to get yourself an individual health insurance policy as soon as possible. Yes, it’s that important! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: