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Email-Marketing There are two sides of online marketing: the side that is .mitted to the individual customers and the side that concentrates on the business .ponents. E .merce programs, public relations, customer services and sales support are all part of the online marketing program. There are so many .panies that .pete against one another over the internet and to access them you just use the click of your mouse. Buyers are able to view all the products that the various .panies have and the prices. There are so many businesses that operate through the internet today and this means that the marketing landscape continues to grow. Over the last decade, the use of internet by both the consumers and the businesses has increased tremendously. There is no doubt that the internet has sealed its place in the world of marketing and advertising. Here are some interesting highlights about the internet and the influence it has in the world of marketing: "There are several .panies that use email marketing where they inform the customers about their products. Most of those consumers will research about the product online, but the purchase will be made off-line. "A good percentage of business to business transactions are made through internet connections. "Half of the people that receive email newsletter respond to them and they are very likely to buy that particular product advertised. "Billions of dollars are spent every year on the online advertising. "Internet sales account for a certain percentage of all sales. Business to business online marketing was among the first people to make money from advertising over the internet. Today, the internet is one of the major .munication tools not only among .panies but also the consumers themselves. There are .panies that depend wholly on the internet to conduct all aspects of their transactions. Such .panies depend on the email software to make it easy and convenient for them to .municate with their employees and the consumers. The email has allowed the means of .munication to revolutionize from the traditional letters and telephone; to using the internet where you can reach more people. Despite all the influence that the internet has on online marketing, it is ironical that there lacks internet expertise in the business .munity. There are so many businesses that are aware of all the advantages of online marketing and they will go to the marketing agencies to seek further guidance on how to go about it. There is no doubt that the internet will continue to influence majority of businesses in the modern world. The presence of the internet will continue to influence how e .merce will be conducted and its integration in marketing will continue. It is very to find a business that does not have a web page from where they tell the consumer about the .pany, the products that they offer and the locations where the .pany is located. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: