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Netizens to Sichuan provincial Party Secretary and governor of the official reply message by   a total of 27 – Channel – Sichuan original title: Internet users to the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary and governor of the message for the official reply of a total of 27 Beijing on 14 October, the day before, Sichuan province for 27 messages to users of the provincial Party Secretary and governor to respond that message selected as follows: [top] part of netizens Tumen street is located in a slope, for the gravel stratum, simply not tie the water, the land is extremely poor, the income of the farmers rarely. The most basic living conditions of the locals: drinking water is extremely difficult, I hope to solve as soon as possible. Answer: Friends: hello! You in comments reflect the "Wenfeng Tumen village Tumen street Tongjiang draft difficult problem, after investigation, the relevant circumstances reply as follows: first, the basic situation of Wenfeng: local village 6.7 kilometers from the township government, the village has a total of 7 villagers group, 1980 people, the village is located in the area near the ridge, and water resources are very scarce. Prior to this, the village to solve the difficult problem of water through the national Tumen village project, social organization, individual donations and other channels, are due to water shortage, not completely solved. Two, the solution: the problem of successive Township Party committee and government attach great importance to the serious water shortage in Tumen village, is also actively think of ways to find ways to solve the drinking water problem of the village of tumen. Tumen village has been included in the 2017 County of key poverty alleviation plan, in the formulation of poverty during the planning of safe drinking water projects in poor villages as the focus of the work, the township party committee, government early simou, requirements of safe drinking water project in 2017 out of poverty village thoroughly investigated, looking for a fixed water, planning and design, for the 2017 implementation of safe drinking water project is fully prepared, and strive to early construction. To ensure that the village people with safe water, water security. Thank you for your understanding and support of our work! Wenfeng Bazhong city Tongjiang County Township People’s Government in October 11, 2016 [] Internet message we are Sichuan city of Bazhong province Tongjiang County tsubosato Xindianzi village two, poverty alleviation and reconstruction subsidies to already live in the building of the villagers, some of them are not already living buildings, and the car, and we really dangerous to live in poverty did not enjoy to a subsidy and relief funds. Answer: Friends: you are in the local people’s leadership message board message to the Secretary of the provincial Party committee has received. The investigation and handling of cases reply as follows: after investigation, Xindianzi village in 2016 to enjoy housing relocation grants and relocation subsidies included in the 2017 to two of the total 25 households, of which 1 poor households to accurate immigration. In July 19, 2016, the village in the village of conference room of the "easy immigrant relocation poverty village meeting, in strict accordance with the Tongjiang county to resettle policy: in the" four areas "of the poor households filing riser, further define the general requirements of object relocation, according to the wishes of the masses, to take" Three Village, built by three promote resettlement "to discuss the implementation of self determine the village relocation by the masses, scattered resettlement". And determined that Yang Yongcheng and other 18 households, the relocation of the object of the 63 man-made poverty alleviation. Publicity for 7 days in July 2016相关的主题文章: