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IPhone 7 buried foreshadowing: mobile phone will introduce the augmented reality technology. People think that, under a big Apple launched the iPhone intelligent mobile phone will configure the augmented reality technology. Obviously, the Apple Corp staff of course this product did not mention, not to disclose any relevant information. However, Apple’s latest configuration of dual camera technology iPhone 7 Plus smartphone, but once again hinted that apple is moving in that direction. This phenomenon, coupled with several major Apple Corp mergers and acquisitions (2015 acquisition of Metaio and the acquisition of PrimeSense in 2013), have shown that this technology will eventually appear in Apple’s products. Another noteworthy point is that Apple CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) has been augmented reality (AR) the opportunities brought about by the obsession. Dual camera technology in the recent iPhone 7 conference, Apple Corp executives spend a lot of time to talk about the current and future features of the iPhone 7 Plus mobile phone two of these 12 megapixel camera. The first camera lens is equivalent to 28mm, most users think is a wide-angle lens (iPhone 7 have the same camera), and the second is the equivalent of the 56mm camera lens, although Apple’s chief designer Phil · Schiller (Phil Schiller) has been called the telephoto lens, but in fact, it’s more like is a person like a shot. In addition to providing an effective two times optical zoom function, the dual camera technology can also make a series of software to play a role, thus greatly providing a better photographic effect for the majority. This is a very interesting (and very useful), but these hardware caused concern is that apple can use two cameras to capture the camera in front of the object and space related content. Two cameras can let the mobile phone equipment to capture and generate depth image information. Earlier this year, it was mentioned that Lenovo’s support for augmented reality Phab Pro 2 phone, which is the world’s first support for Tango technology augmented reality phone. Tango is Google’s handheld augmented reality platform. Lenovo this actually used three mobile phone cameras and other sensors to capture a series of movements, around the mobile phone environment depth images and information in the region. The final photo shows the results, including the location of the device, which results in a lot of very interesting things in the augmented reality. In order to be more simple to describe such a situation, please consider the "Pokemon Go" game in the current operation of the smart phone, which may be found in its intelligence and features are a lot stronger. Apple’s two major mergers and acquisitions in recent years, apple acquired Metaio and PrimeSense, the merger and acquisition of these two people to think that apple is moving towards the future of handheld augmented reality. Apple acquired Metaio in 2015. Me)相关的主题文章: