Is burning sulfur plant near the U.S. Air Force Base wearing a gas mask

IS burning sulfur factory in the vicinity of U.S. Air Force base to wear gas masks, the original title: "the Islamic country" burning sulfur plant thousands of people caused by respiratory problems extremist organization Islamic state because of the smoke "(IS) 22 in northern Iraq war set fire to a sulfur plant. (source: Agence France-Presse) in new network on 23 October, according to Central News Agency reports, extremist organization Islamic state (IS) 22 in northern Iraq war set fire to a sulfur plant, as many as 1000 people with respiratory problems caused by smoke treatment, near the air base troops wearing gas masks. According to reports, Mosul (Mosul) near the town of Mishra J (Mishraq) of the sulfur plant around shrouded in thick white smoke, because of the Islamic state to cover the action also burned oil, white smoke is mixed with thick black smoke. The residents and the U. S. military says Iraqi government forces launched a fierce offensive to the Islamic state of Iraq in Mosul out of their last stronghold, the Islamic state forces against the offensive, set fire to the factory. Near quiah pull (Qayyara) hospital director said, began on the morning of 22, one after another public hospital due to respiratory problems, as many as 1000 people have been hospitalized and later discharged, no one died. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: